20 Cute Outfits That Will Up Your Tomboy Game

A tomboy outfit is not meant to express a disinterest in fashion. It involves staying away from the stereotypical feminine silhouettes and tastefully playing with all things androgynous. From boyfriend jeans and pantsuits to oversized shirts and everything in between, there is a lot you can do to nail a tomboy outfit and make it fun. We’ll show you how with our picks of the cutest tomboy outfits. Check them out!

How Do You Dress Like A Tomboy?

The tomboy look is an inherent style that resonates with some people more than others. Whether it is your default setting or a style you want to try, the idea is to bring together pieces that reflect this personality.

Add accessories that are bold, rusty, or robust as opposed to dainty, delicate, and featherlight.

Leather, denim, and bomber jackets. Distressed denim. Boyfriend or mom jeans. Oversized hoodies or sweaters. Turtle necks. Sneakers. Converse shoes. Combat or ankle-length boots. Pantsuits. Big blazers. Flannels. Overalls. Beanies. Bandanas. Baseball hats. These are your staples, but feel free to add more and play around in a way that reflects your bold and badass self.

20 Cute Tomboy Outfits

1. Boy Shorts

Boy Shorts

The borrowed-it-from-the-boys kind of look exudes the tomboy vibe like nothing else. A pair of athleisure boy shorts, a half-tucked linen shirt, and sneakers is how you paint the town red in the summer.

2. Overalls


Are you a fan of camo and suspenders? Sport them both to nail that tomboy look. An Iron-Maiden T-shirt to go with the overalls, a half bun, Converse shoes, and hoops can do the job just right.

3. Frayed Shorts

Frayed Shorts

Invest in a pair of rugged or frayed shorts. Put your hair up in a bun and throw on a pair of white Superstars or Airmax sneakers!

4. Oversized Shirt And Jacket

Oversized Shirt And Jacket

Shirt dresses – I mean the really long and oversized shirts that are worn as dresses – are really in and fit the tomboy bill perfectly. Top it up with a puffy jacket and boots for good measure.

5. Leather Trousers

Leather Trousers

Raise the hotness quotient with a pair of leather pants, a tank top, and black sneakers like a boss lady. Add aviators or any sunglasses of your choice to finish off the look.

6. Skinny Jeans With Denim Shirt

Skinny Jeans With Denim Shirt

Swing into the feminine side just a little bit with this outfit. Jeans are a signature tomboy attire. Spruce them up a little with white boots and a denim shirt. Smokey eye makeup is your way to go for this look.

7. Bold Monochromes

Bold Monochromes

Welcome corduroy into your closet to build a bold monochrome outfit without moving away from the theme. Combats, Converse sneakers, or Oxfords sit well with this look.

8. Flannels


Tomboys swear by flannel or plaid. Tie one at the waist, layer it, or go for an oversized one, and you are sorted.

9. Pantsuit


Pantsuits are bulldozing their way into runways, fashion houses, and clothing lines. Talk about exciting and fun outfits!

10. Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets never fly under the radar when it comes to tomboy-ish looks, and they are here to stay.

11. Oversized Blazer

Oversized Blazer

Reign as a street style superstar in this consumingly oversized blazer, straight cut jeans, and a high bun!

12. Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket

Want to put in zero effort but still look like you did? Then, a bomber jacket is your bae! Cropped boyfriends jeans, a tank top, ankle boots, a bomber jacket, and a high bun is how you turn the story around.

13. Side Stripe Pants

Side Stripe Pants

All things with a side stripe are having a moment right now, and they are inherently tomboy-ish. Tracks, trousers, or jeans. If you don’t want to go all the way out with this look, add a trench coat.

14. Business Casuals

Business Casuals

Too cool for school? Can’t wrap your head around formal dressing? Then, try this instead! It hovers around the idea of formal dressing with its boxed silhouette, but does not give in completely.

15. Shorts And Crop Top

Shorts And Crop Top

Tomboy meets townie halfway with this look! A tube top with a dark wash denim jacket and jeans, a belt, and laceless combat boots is how you own this look.

16. Tutu Skirt Or Dress

Tutu Skirt Or Dress

I know a tutu skirt is the opposite of tomboy. However, even if you detest the idea of anything feminine, you can still try this outfit. It is subtle with its tomboy vibe but still fits the bill.

17. Distressed Denim

Distressed Denim

Were you wondering why this didn’t make it further up in the list? We just didn’t want to state the obvious. Distressed denim, hoodies, and combat boots are straight up everyday essentials.

18. Hoodie Dress

Hoodie Dress

If there’s one thing I learned from this dainty diva, it is to nail the tomboy attire subtly. She lives in hoodie dresses and so can you if you are willing to explore the other side of fashion.

19. Boyfriend Shirt

Boyfriend Shirt

Raid your partner’s closet a bit and yank his blue shirt out. Pair it with mom or bootcut jeans to make it your own.

20. One-Piece Dress

One Piece Dress

Homecoming or prom just around the corner? I’m assuming the tomboy in you cannot begin to accept the typical girly attire. Borrow a one-piece dress from a friend or rent it out, throw on your leather jacket, and finish it off with boots just the way you like it.

I wasn’t exaggerating when I said there’s a lot you can do with your tomboy outfits. While ‘tomboy’ is a reflection of an innate personality, we can all play with the idea by either following the norms of a real tomboy or tweaking them to fit our own personality. Are you a tomboy? What is your go-to look? Let us know by dropping a message in the comments section below.




How To Dress Like A Tomboy: 91 Outfit Ideas

As obvious as it sounds, not every girl on this planet loves pink, high heels, flowers, and pastels. Thinking that pink is for girls is as old-fashioned as saying that trousers are for men.

In a world where feminism has taken such a significant and influential role, women feel the need to express who they really are, especially if this means breaking up the feminine stereotype. Nowadays, the tomboy look has become more like a synonym of freedom and many women have tried this style at least once in their lives.

Even though an item of male-influenced clothing has existed for women since the beginning of the last century, street style fashion has been responsible for transforming tomboy outfits into the coolest and trendiest thing.

Table of Contents

What does tomboy mean?

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines “tomboy” as “a girl who behaves in a manner usually considered boyish”. Probably this behavior includes playing videogames and soccer, smoking and drinking, wearing vans and beanie hats, and having a special love for black.

Do you feel like I’ve just described a regular girl? That’s because nowadays any girl can have “boyish traits”, and even if you don’t feel completely identified with it you can still try tomboy clothes and realize this style is for everyone and is definitely worth trying.

How to wear tomboy clothes?

As I mentioned, most of us are not 100% tomboys, and might sometimes feel scared of looking too boyish if we try this style. But tomboy clothes can be at the same time very feminine.

One thing’s sure, tomboy outfits will make you look cooler than ever. Here are 91 outfit ideas for women who want to experiment with tomboy fashion or have run out of ideas on how to dress according to their style.

Caps and ripped jeans

Nothing simpler than that. The best part is that caps can be found literally everywhere.
Tomboys make caps look cooler than any other style, so it doesn’t matter if it’s one you got from a souvenir shop.

Black ripped skinny jeans will add an edgier touch to your tomboy outfit. As you will see in the following pictures, many girls are wearing black ripped jeans, making this item a must-have in your tomboy style:

Tomboy outfits

You can also opt for light-washed skinny jeans for a more vintage look:

Tomboy outfits Tomboy outfits

Forget about everything else, caps are the ultimate tomboy item you need to have. They have such a strong male look that will instantly transform your outfit into cool and boyish.

It’s as easy as that. Just pair it with any t-shirt and you’ll have an instant tomboy vibe.


Here are other cap ideas that you can buy, or borrow from your brother or friends:


Try This:

Other accessories for tomboys

Apart from caps, the most important accessories that can’t be missed in your tomboy wardrobe are the following:

1. Black shoes

My favorite brands for a tomboy look: Vans, All-Stars and Dr. Martens. As you will see in all these pictures, black sneakers and boots are definitely a tomboy’s favorites:

Black shoes Black shoes Black shoes Black shoes


2. Beanies:

Beanies are perfect for those chilly weathers when wearing a cap seems impossible:


3. Sunglasses:

Classic sunglasses are the best option for this kind of style. Wayfarer and aviator styles are great options for a tomboy look.




T-shirts play a major role in any tomboy outfit. These can be printed with your favorite band’s name, dyed washed or just plain solid t-shirts.

Truth is, when it comes to t-shirts, any kind can be worn perfectly fine, as long as they’re at least one size bigger in order to give you that comfy and baggy look:


Even floral printed t-shirts can be included in your tomboy clothes. Just keep the colors very desaturated or monochromatic.

I love how rock bands’ logos can easily give you an edgy and boyish look:


The best thing about an oversized t-shirt is that if it’s big enough, you can just wear it as a dress.

Tip: make sure you wear a really short and tight bottom (or stockings), as these “dresses” can be really short. You don’t want anyone looking at your underwear.

And baggy t-shirts paired with high heels because, why not? A tomboy style can definitely be worn with “feminine” items as well, but we tend to make the mistake of thinking only of sneakers or chunky boots.



Oversized Layers

Because a tomboy outfit is mostly characterized by its comfy and baggy style, your jackets and sweaters can also be one or two sizes bigger.


This doesn’t mean that absolutely every jacket and sweater needs to be oversized. You can still look tomboy wearing a denim or leather jacket that’s in your exact size:


Polished tomboy outfits

Tomboys also go to work, obviously.

A real tomboy doesn’t care much about revealing her feminine silhouette, so it’s important to keep this in mind when you dress for a formal occasion. But at the same time, super oversized clothes, as shown above, tend to give a casual vibe to your outfit.

To dress with a polished or formal-looking outfit, stay away from clothes that are too baggy and slouchy. This will help you look like you care, which is kind of like the opposite situation for a casualwear tomboy look.

This means your clothes should look comfortable but fit well to your body at the same time.

1. Suits

Black suits and white button-down shirts are a great example of a polished tomboy outfit, probably because they’re entirely inspired in classic menswear.


A grey suit is another great option:



It’s an easy way for having a cool tomboy look because suits used to be exclusively for men and we still have a little bit of that male connotation when we see them.

For an edgier tomboy outfit, wear your suit with loafers, mules or any flat shoe such as sneakers.

If your tomboy style tends to be a little bit more feminine, a suit with high heels will also make you look super-hot and man-like.


I truly believe a woman looks sexier in a suit than a man, maybe because it makes her look very professional and business-like. A woman with attitude is the perfect type of person that will look absolutely stunning in a suit.

Tomboy outfits 


2. Blazers

If a suit feels a bit too much for you, you can always opt for blazers paired with jeans:


Or blazers with any kind of bottom: leather pants, straight leg trousers, leggings…:



How to look feminine with tomboy clothes?

If you feel more identified with a girly style but still love how cool tomboy fashion is, you can always adapt these following ideas into your unique style:

– Include bright colors in your outfit, especially in your accessories:


– Heels never fail: either block, low or high heels, these will absolutely make you look more feminine:


– Wear something that’s usually associated with women: floral prints, a chic handbag, a bow in your hair, something pink, a red lipstick…


Celebrity tomboy look inspiration

My top favorite tomboy style inspiration comes from Kristen Stewart, Ellen Page, Hailey Baldwin, and Rihanna:


Other fashion icons that every once in a while include tomboy clothes are Olivia Palermo, Blake Lively, and Victoria Beckham. And because they’re famously known for their chic style, they can teach you super stylish ways to dress like a tomboy:


Wrap up

Street style and the rise of feminist movements have given the perfect platform to women to express their true style through fashion, even if it means breaking up with feminine and girly standards.

Whoever feels identified with a tomboy style can still look amazingly stylish, and doesn’t mean she has to be always dressed in super baggy clothes. These outfit ideas I’ve given you serve as an example of the many ways in which tomboy clothes can be fashionable and trendy.

If you love tomboy outfits and are dying to try them for yourself, my last and best piece of advice I can give you is: when it comes to fashion, think like men. This means that you should go and look for real men clothes next time you go shopping.

As I mentioned, tomboys usually wear oversized garments, and if you buy men clothes for yourself, they will definitely fit you much bigger. Also, menswear silhouettes tend to be straighter and more “boxy” because men don’t have a defined waistline.

This is why I can’t stress enough how effective shopping in the menswear section is. Try it for yourself and you’ll be surprised at how many cool tomboy outfits you’ll pull out.




The Best Ways On How To Style Your Hair To Embellish Your Tomboy Outfits

These Tomboy Outfits Will Show You How To Style Your Hair Awesomely

Let’s be honest, every time you wear your tomboy outfits, you just have no idea how to style your hair so that everything matches perfectly. Yes, it doesn’t matter what lifestyle you have, every girl wants everything to look stylish and authentically. The desire to be on point is something that unites girls from all over the world, disregarding their age, appearance, and preferences. Now, it’s time to talk about tomboy style. Though some people still have those weird stereotypes towards girls who prefer non-girly clothes, we know that it’s just the way you express your bright personality. And the truth is, this is the most stylish way of reflecting your inner self! There are no limitations for truly creative people, right? Not every girl wants to look girly, but there’s no girl who doesn’t want to look beautiful! We are here to share with you some cool ideas: awesome haircuts and outfits are waiting for you to try. Looking beautiful is something that all people want to achieve in their lives! See how you can do that.

Boyfriend Jeans For Stylish Girlfriends

Boyfriend Jeans For Stylish Girlfriends #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #boyfriendjeans #longhair

Source: flamcis via InstagramSome girls find boyfriend jeans to be just “too much” for their style. Well, that means that they will never discover what a real stylishness is. A pair of cute boyfriend jeans is an essential for every closet. It’s relaxed, it’s comfortable, it’s absolutely chick. And you know that they won’t ever hide your beautiful curves! Tough they give you quite a loose fit, they also emphasize the most attractive parts of your body. Don’t stay away from this amazing touch of boyish charm.

Sexy Tank Top

Sexy Tank Top #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #tanktop #shorthair

Source: micahgianneli via InstagramThis picture is here to prove that a plain tank top that men usually wear can look beautiful. Yes, everything a girl touches turns to gold, and this top is not an exception. Look how gorgeous she is: this girl combines basic clothes so nicely that it’s hard to take our eyes off her look. Such a fashionable cap, leather jacket, black bag and high heels will make you feel as attractive as never before!

Button Down Shirt For Bold Girls

Button Down Shirt For Bold Girls #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #buttondownshirt #pixiehaircut

Source: brittenelle via InstagramWho says that only girly dresses can reveal your beauty? That’s a myth, girl, and this outfit is here to dispel it. It seems that there is no better black outfit than this adorable set. A button-down shirt isn’t meant only for men. It’s meant to impress everyone around you. You got your chelsea boots, got your cool sunglasses, got your shirt. That’s enough to turn heads!

Street Style Look

Street Style Look #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #streetstyle #topknot

Source: mikutas via InstagramYou know that casual outfits are all about making you feel comfortable. If you’re one of those girls who love freedom, it’s time to make your clothes scream about that! A messy high bun with a stylish oversized t-shirt and ripped jeans will teach you what freedom is. Don’t forget about aviator sunglasses: they are a perfect finish for your street style.

Glamorous Tomboy Outfits

Glamorous Tomboy Outfits #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #hairstyles #longhair

Source: sincerelyjules via InstagramEven though you didn’t expect such a tomboy twist, glamorous tomboy outfits DO exist. It’s not a glamour that we’re used to seeing, it’s something more sophisticated, more modern. Tomboys are not all about ripped jeans and messy hairdos, they know how to look elegant in their own way. White culottes are will always be in the spotlight: don’t ever pass them by. Cute tomboy outfits usually look like this!

Black And White Casual Outfits

Black And White Casual Outfits #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #bobhaircut #shorthair

Source: candidlychan via InstagramHere comes the most magnificent style-fashion trend. It seems that this outfit can take over the world, don’t you agree? After looking at this idea, we can’t imagine these unbelievable leather pants without such a stunning leather coat. Now you know how a perfect contrast looks like: white hair with dark roots is a look to steal.

Military Tomboy Style

Military Tomboy Style #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #pixiehaircut #shorthair

Source: alexandra_anele via InstagramThis look will make you remember once and for all: neutral doesn’t mean plain-looking. If you are about to make a real statement, cargo pants will do that for you. When such greyish colors are combined with some black elements, they become more and more attractive. Tomboy style clothing aways feature fancy boots, and these ones are perfection in its purest form. A classic pixie is an exclamation mark!

Make Your Days Bright!

Make Your Days Bright #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #longhair #hairstyles

Source: laurabadura via InstagramSome bright colors won’t hurt, right? Don’t focus only on classic and neutral colors, as tomboys are not afraid to be noticed! How do you like this awesome blue set? All the colors harmonize in a lovely way, while the bright blue color attracts people’s attention. If you want to keep up with tomboy outfits 2018, this idea is a must try for you.

Tomboy Outfits For Summer Days

Tomboy Outfits For Summer Days #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #longhair #boyfriendjeans

Source: hilisaa via InstagramWe can let summer in our hearts only when we know what to wear these hot days. So here comes one of the most popular tomboy outfits for summer. It’s pretty easy, yet absolutely stunning: a black top and boyfriend jeans are all you need to have! You can complement your look with a bright casual hat or a tiny backpack. It’s all up to your imagination, but don’t disregard the basic things!

Tomboys Can Be Elegant Too!

Tomboys Can Be Elegant Too #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #longhair #highbun

Source: shortstoriesandskirts via InstagramTomboys have another definition of elegance. And you know what? They know how to sport their outfits gracefully! When it comes to a formal look, these girls prefer to wear high waist formal pants with a chick shirt. To show off their personality, they finish their formal looks with a black leather jacket and big shield glasses. Those who need a formal updo immediately, here is a little secret: a dry shampoo will freshen up your locks and save your time.

Add Some Waves To Spice It Up

Add Some Waves To Spice It Up #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #longhair #wavyhair

Source: val.mercado via InstagramGirls love waves not for nothing. It’s the best way to show off the beauty of your long hair. It doesn’t really matter how full it is, waves can embellish any hair type and any hair color. How about you to steal this look? A sandy outfit with daring boots wouldn’t look so sweet without wavy hair. Such a hairdo will take minutes, just make sure you know where is your curling iron.

Long Hair Is The Best Accessory

Long Hair Is The Best Accessory #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #longhair #straighthair

Source: val.mercado via InstagramYour long hair is something that you should be proud of. It doesn’t matter what clothes you wear, if you let your long hair down, nothing will hide your beauty. Tomboys know that the best way to style long locks is to leave them as they are. Simplicity is genius, these girls know that like nobody else. Checkered pants and oversized jumper form such a cool duo, do you get what we mean?

Awesome Updos For Tomboys

Awesome Updos For Tomboys #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #longhair #updohairstyle

Source: hellofashionblog via InstagramSince your hair plays a very important role in your look, it should be on point too. Tomboys don’t feel like spending a lot of time on their hair, they know how to look awesome without complicated hairdos. A stylish updo can be a nice complement to your look. Updos keep your face open, giving you a chance to show everyone your fancy round glasses. Several bobby pins are enough to get a stylish look!

Show Off Your Straight Hair

Show Off Your Straight Hair #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #longhair #hairstyles

Source: flamcis via InstagramThis idea will never go out of style. It looks natural and sexy, that’s why all girls love it. Needless to say, men find girls with such hair to be very attractive. If you think that there’s nothing extraordinary about this idea, you’ve never seen a tomboy sporting straight hair. Blonde balayage highlights with choppy curtain bangs give a fresh look at this usual hairstyle. Still think that it’s too plain?

Wavy Hair Will Do The Talking

Wavy Hair Will Do The Talking #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #longhair #wavyhairstyles

Source: val.mercado via InstagramWhen you set your mood for a checkered outfit, it’s time to think about a hairstyle that will complement your casual set. Well, you should know that only wavy hairstyles will be suitable for such looks. They’re voluminous, a bit messy, and very lively. Natural waves will add some movement to your look, creating a really breathtaking silhouette.

Short Haircut To Make It Hot

Short Haircut To Make It Hot #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #shorthair #pixiehairstyles

Source: alexandra_anele via InstagramHave no idea how to style your short hair? Our advice is to keep it simple, but significant. If you want to create an extremely sexy look that will make heads turn, a pixie hairstyle embellished with baby bangs is about to make it hot! Just look at this pic: this tomboy outfit perfectly matches with a blonde pixie. Don’t be shy to add some fire.

Your Short Hair Needs Some Waves

Your Short Hair Needs Some Waves #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #shorthair #longpixie

Source: micahgianneli via InstagramThere’s nothing impossible about waves: if you want to wave your short hair, you are free to do that. The shorter your hair, the more voluminously it looks when it’s waved. So, what are you waiting for? Your short bob needs some waves right now! Those who are into military style will fall in love with this classy idea.

Chick Sportive Style For Girls

Chick Sportive Style For Girls #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #shorthair #pixiehaircut

Source: brittenelle via InstagramIt’s not a secret that girls adore wearing sports clothes as a casual style. And there’s nothing bad about it: nowadays sportswear is even more stylish than clothes for daily wear. Got some cool sport ideas? Nothing can stop you from bringing your fashion ideas to life! Put on your favorite white sneakers, combine them with sports pants and finish this awesome look with a pair of sunglasses. P.S. Brushed up hairstyle gets on well with sports outfits.

High Bun Hairstyle

High Bun Hairstyle  #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #highbun

Source: negin_mirsalehi via InstagramWhat is more effortless looking than a high bun hairstyle? Doing your hair this way will enhance the vibe you bring with the tomboy outfit you have picked for that day. Easy, stylish and looking so well with everything. Isn’t that the most universal hairdo?

Half Up Pony For Long Hair

Half Up Pony For Long Hair #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #longhair

Source: negin_mirsalehi via InstagramThose girls who rock long hair we feel you and your desire to try something new on it. A half up ponytail is perfect for any occasion coming. Whether your hair is curly or straight, this hairstyle will bring so much volume, making your hair look super bouncy. This effect will only add up to your outfit, and you won’t regret trying it.

Side Parted Messy Short Bob

Side Parted Messy Short Bob #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #shortbob

Source: micahgianneli via InstagramNowadays messy hair is such a trend in the industry that more and more stylists are making your hair look like that on purpose. Isn’t that a dream for girls with bob hairstyles who usually spend so much time on styling and taming their locks? If you are one of them, then it is your turn to leave out all of the products and stylers you have been using before. Do a side part and flip your hair, bringing volume to that messy, grungy effect.

Low Sleek Updo Hairstyle

Low Sleek Updo Hairstyle #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #updohairstyle

Source: fashion_jackson via InstagramMessiness and effortless are in trend with sleekness at the same time. Such a neat hairstyle is perfect for those ladies who don’t have any desire to think of their hair and the way it looks during the day. Secure, stylish and comfortable it will be your favorite hairstyle on the run that brings even more style out of your look.

Middle Parted Long Straight Hair

Middle Parted Long Straight Hair #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #longhair

Source: negin_mirsalehi via InstagramLong straight hair has so much charm and can be worn so differently. Even changing a parting can become a new way to rock your hair. Such small details bring stylish accents to your tomboy outfits so don’t doubt even for a second about experimenting with it.

Natural Curly Updo

Natural Curly Updo #howtostyleyourhair #tomboyoutfits #tomboystyle #curlyhair

Source: the_real_chi via InstagramWhat is better than enhancing the natural beauty of your curly hair? Get rid of your styling products and let your hair be the way it is. Leave it untamed once, and you will love the natural effect that is brought to your style. Let it down or just make a high ponytail with a lot of volume and you will love the way it looks with your tomboy style.

3 Best Celebrity Style Ideas to Try Yourself

Inspired by your favourite leading women of fashion, these supermodel-worthy outfits can be thrown together in just minutes

Celebrity fashion trends 2017

From Instagram to blogs and magazines, we’re inundated with paparazzi snaps of celebrities’ never-ending array of off-duty looks. Making the streets their catwalk, the new generation of style icons go about their days in very fashionable form.

While we might not have their million-dollar budget or the stylist and glam squad on speed dial, we do know the secrets to their oh-so-chic look. Scroll down below where we show you how to steal their style and the IT piece you’ll need to achieve it from the shopping malls in Dubai and across the Middle East.


Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner’s nautical style

Kendall Jenner shows off her nautical style

In our eyes supermodel Kendall Jenner can’t step a foot out of style. As the face of Estée Lauder, Fendi and La Perla (to name just a few), the trend-making runway queen has certainly picked up a trick or two for her personal wardrobe.

One of the youngest members of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, the 21-year-old beauty recently displayed her fashion credentials while aboard a luxury boat in CannesFrance. The epitome of nautical chic, Kendall opted for high-waisted white trousers teamed with a Breton striped top, black sunnies, and cat-eye shades.

Get the look:

Printed top available at H&M

This Printed top is available at H&M. You can find at City Centre Sharjah, City Centre Ajman, City Centre Fujairah, City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Me’aisem, City Centre Bahrain, City Centre Muscat, City Centre Qurum, City Centre Alexandria, City Centre Maadi, and City Centre Beirut


Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid wearing double denim

Gigi Hadid wearing double denim

BFF to Kendall, fellow supermodel Gigi Hadid showed just why she is one of the fashion’s favourite faces as she stepped out in New York recently. The American beauty rocked double denim paired with a bright red tank, matching boots and an equally vibrant cherry-hued lipstick.

When opting for wide-leg boyfriend-cut jeans follow Gigi’s suit and accentuate your waist by pairing with a crop top.

Get the look:

Denim jacket available at Topshop in Mirdif, Bahrain, and Beirut

Denim jacket available at Topshop. Visit City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Bahrain or City Centre Beirut.


Cara Delevingne

Cara Delevingne in a blue velvet suit

Cara Delevingne in a blue velvet suit

When she isn’t storming the catwalks, fronting Vogue covers and landing the most in-demand ad campaigns, Cara Delevingne is busy filming movies with the likes of Will Smith and Margot Robbie. Most recently, the actress/supermodel can be seen in Sci-Fi blockbuster Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets – now showing at Vox Cinemas.

Known for her edgy tomboy style, the young Brit beauty was spotted out and about donning a plunging navy velvet suit and coordinating colourful shades with her newly shaved ice-blonde buzz-cut.

Get the look:

Sunglasses available at Zara

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Tomboy Outfit Ideas

Chic outfits aren’t just reserved for feminine and frilly girls. Pieces with masculine undertones can look effortlessly fashionable on the ladies. There are also plenty of menswear-inspired looks to choose from, so flaunting your tomboy style will be a breeze. Just pick a piece or two to work with, and add a dash of your own style.

Printed Shorts

Make your tomboy look instantly more interesting by wearing printed shorts. Whether you want to add a bit of ironic feminine flair with floral-print shorts or you would rather sport something less colorful, your style will be just as cool. Up top, wear a white oxford or denim button-down shirt. Slip on a pair of loafers to complete your look.

Simple Suit

Instead of wearing a dress to the next fancy occasion, slip on a pantsuit. A tuxedo-inspired suit looks fashionable open over a blouse or buttoned up with no shirt under it at all. If you don’t want to go too dressy, a basic menswear-inspired pantsuit will do. Wear one in a charcoal for a clean look. Turn your look up a notch by adding a tie. Add a feminine accent by throwing on a pair of heels, or keep your feet comfortable in a pair of oxfords.

Boyfriend Cardigan

Make your look a little preppy by sporting a boyfriend cardigan. These cardigans are slouchier and longer than their more feminine counterparts, but can be just as chic. Wear yours over basic jeans and a t-shirt for a casual look. Boyfriend cardigans also work well over sundresses to give them a slight masculine edge that pairs nicely with a feminine frock.


Give overalls a try. Slip them over a printed top and even throw on a baseball cap. Your cap doesn’t have to be from an athletic store. Instead, opt for one in an interesting print like polka dot or in a fun bright shade. A cool pair of canvas sneakers completes your look. If you feel too boyish, swap out your printed top for a crop top or frilly top in a feminine fabric like lace.

What Kind of Clothes Go With Fashion Riding Boots?

Riding boots aren’t just functional; they’re also ideal pieces to wear when you want to look fashionable. So if you don’t own a horse, don’t fret — you can wear riding boots just as easily off the ranch. Riding boots are equally comfortable and chic, making them the perfect finishing touch for several looks. And because these boots can be worn in so many different ways, you’re left with endless styling options, sure to fit anyone’s fancy.


Riding boots are an equestrian staple, so create your look based on this aesthetic. Tuck a pair of leggings or skinny jeans into your boots. Then button up an oxford shirt on top. Any shade will do so try a neutral white or throw on your favorite color. On top of your oxford, slip on a blazer. A satchel can be another incredibly chic addition to your outfit. Your satchel works in a neutral or colorful shade, so try yours in a rich brown, a deep black, a bright hue like lemon or a more saturated shade like navy.


Instead of going equestrian with your look, make it more unexpected by adding some edge. Tuck a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans into your boots. Up top, wear a simple T-shirt or tank top. Layer your shirt with a leather motorcycle jacket. Keep your jewelry utilitarian; heavy metal pieces keep up the edgy theme. Also look for studded pieces. A studded belt, ring or pair of earrings all work.


Feminine pieces juxtapose nicely next to a harder-edged riding boot. A flowy summer dress or tunic is taken seamlessly from spring to summer when paired with a riding boot and tights. Keep yourself warm and cozy by topping this look with a cardigan. Leave your cardigan open or belt it to define your waist. Sweater dresses work just as well as summer frocks, so feel free to interchange them with your warm-weather pieces.

Ski Bunny

For truly cold weather, a sturdy legging or skinny jean, a chunky sweater and your riding boots can keep you insulated. Get extra warmth by topping this look with a shearling coat or vest. You don’t have to hit the slopes to wear this comfortable look — it works just as well for running errands during the day as it does for a winter retreat.

Cute Outfits to Wear With Khaki Shorts

Khaki shorts are a mainstay item of clothing, and one that you probably can find in your current wardrobe. A comfortable and relaxed look when the weather warms up, a pair of khaki shorts work well for a number of looks, whether your outfits are classic, fashion forward or eclectic. Discover the many cute ensembles you can create with a staple in your wardrobe, and your khaki shorts will instantly become more versatile — so versatile, in fact, that you just might need another pair.

Modern Prepster

Khaki shorts are a staple in the modern prep’s wardrobe. Create a decidedly preppy — but still modern — style by pairing your khaki shorts with a button-down top. Choose a loose-fitting chambray shirt with the sleeves rolled up for warm fall days or a pastel gingham print when the weather warms up in the spring. Even a simple, fitted white button-down shirt can create a casually chic ensemble when paired with your khaki shorts. Tuck in your shirt, and finish your look with a colorful belt. A comfortable pair of boat shoes goes well with the preppy vibe.

Autumn Warmth

When crisp fall mornings turn to warm afternoons, a pair of khakis can be a seasonally appropriate laid-back look. Create a layered ensemble with your khaki shorts, pairing them with a cardigan and T-shirt or tank top. Consider rich jewel tones — purple, deep blue or ruby — for this outfit. These darker colors provide a contrast with neutral khaki. Add another layer of warmth — one that you can easily remove when the weather warms up — with a patterned scarf that complements your cardigan and tee. Cozy canvas shoes or ballet flats complete your outfit and keep your toes warm.

Dressy Statement

Khaki shorts aren’t necessarily a strictly casual outfit. You can dress up your shorts in a number of ways. Add a loose-fitting trapeze tank — choose one with an abstract pattern, lace or sequins — for a dressier look. Black pairs well with khaki and instantly elevates your ensemble. You can also transform your simple T-shirt from day to night by wearing a statement necklace. Replace those flat sandals with wedges, which will elongate your legs and give you some added height, to glam up your khaki shorts.

Nautical Nod

Embrace your neutral khaki shorts and create a subtle nautical vibe. Wear a horizontally striped top — preferably in navy and white — with your shorts. Incorporate some red or yellow tones into your nautically inspired outfit — a red clutch, yellow sandals or a colorful belt can enhance your seafaring look. Feeling chilly? Add a navy blazer with your striped top and khaki shorts for that added touch of nautical prep.

How to Rock a Beanie

Beanies don’t just keep your head warm — they also make a fashion statement. Whether you’ve been wearing this fall hat for a while or you’ve just bought your first one, perfecting your look is a cinch. Beanies are incredibly versatile and can be worn in a variety of ways. So pick your favorite style — or pick a few — and rock your beanie with confidence.

So Many Choices

Wearing your beanie pulled down on your forehead looks fashionable and it’s also an effective way to accessorize on those bad hair days. If you have a slouchy beanie, let it fall back or get a bit more daring and wear it straight up. If you don’t want to completely cover up, wear your beanie at the crown of your head and let the rest slouch back. Wear your hair down and parted to either side. If you’re wearing your beanie at the crown of your head, you may need a few bobby pins to keep it in place.

Cool And Casual

Keep your look comfortable by wearing your beanie with skinny jeans and a blazer or an edgy leather jacket. Slip a basic t-shirt on under your jacket and finish the look off with a pair of boots. Go a bit more nonchalant in distressed jeans — they’ll toughen up your look just enough to keep it cool without making it sloppy. In warmer weather, swap your jeans out for shorts for a more exciting look like a pencil skirt or short dress.

Borrowed From Your Boyfriend

Pair your beanie with slouchy-fit pieces for a cool and comfortable look. An over-sized shirt or sweater works well with leggings, shorts or even skirts. A slouchy-fit pant like a harem also pairs nicely. For a more streamlined look, slip on a fitted t-shirt or tank. Make your outfit more of a stand out by finishing it off with an army jacket. This look works with flats but can also be dressed up with heels.

Dress It Up

Go for the unexpected and discover a new world of fashion. Sometimes the unexpected looks can be the best ones. Pair your beanie with ladylike skirts and dresses to create a cool juxtaposition of grungy and girly — a flowy floral skirt or dress can do the trick. If you want to toughen the look up a bit, wear a pair of leather leggings underneath your dress or opt for motorcycle boots instead of heels for a surprising finishing touch.

What Type of Shoes to Wear With a Leather Skirt?

Don’t hesitate to add an instant dose of edge to your look with a leather skirt. Leather skirts are more versatile than you may think and can be worn in lots of surprising ways. Start with your shoes, and work your way up to create a leather look that’s all your own.


A pair of basic pumps makes a leather skirt as prim and proper as a traditional wool number. Pumps work with a leather skirt in any silhouette; they instantly lengthen your legs and slim your frame. Choose closed-toe pumps or peep-toe styles, or look even more leggy by choosing a pump that closely matches your skin tone. Finish things off with a ladylike blouse.

Strappy Sandals

Leather isn’t just keeping your legs warm during the colder months. Wear a leather skirt in the summer with a pair of strappy sandals. Sandals keep your look sexy and your feet comfortably cool. Pair them with a lightweight leather skirt that will be a bit airier in hot weather. Up top, a simple tank, blouse or crop top completes the look.

Boots and Booties

When you’re wearing a leather skirt in the winter, boots and booties keep your feet warm and toasty. Go daring with knee-high boots and a skirt that leaves a tiny strip of leg between the two. Ankle boots are an edgy but more conservative pairing. Keep your legs warm by slipping on a pair of tights. Up top, tuck in a blouse, throw on a blazer or opt for a sweater.


Flats dress down a leather skirt and make it more practical for daytime wear. A simple pair of ballet flats keeps the look girly yet comfortable. For a more interesting combination, put on a pair of cool canvas sneakers and throw T-shirt on top. Flat menswear-inspired oxfords create a juxtaposition between feminine and masculine that makes your look stand out.

Cute Outfits to Wear Out for a Night on the Town

Whether it’s ladies’ night or date night, you’ll want to look your absolute best when out for a night on the town. From dresses to pant suits, your outfit should be one in which you look and feel your most fabulous. There are plenty of cool, stylish, and chic outfits to put together, and that’s half the fun of going out.

Reach for the Tops

Pairing fashionable tops with pants or a skirt makes for a great, head-turning outfit. Leave a flowing chiffon blouse untucked with a pair of fitted trousers or tuck into a fitted skirt to play with proportion. Silk camisoles in neutral hues are excellent for a more demure appearance while colorful print blouses paired with darker skirts, slacks, or jeans are great for letting loose. Sexier styles like bustiers and halter tops are modern choices that wow when combined with sophisticated blazers or leather jackets.

Pretty in Pants

A well-coordinated pair of pants is an ultra-chic option for a perfect party outfit. The key is choosing options that create balance in your overall look. If going with a more voluminous style on bottom like harem pants or high waist slacks, go slimmer on top with a lingerie-inspired corset or fitted blouse. If opting for boldly colored denim or printed bottoms, choose solid black, white, or other neutral tops. For laid back affairs, put a twist on a casual classic by pairing baggy boyfriend jeans with a sheer white T and high-heeled sandals, or pairing skinny jeans with an embellished top and high-heeled pumps or boots.

Dress to Impress

Whether it’s a form-fitting sheath dress, a sexy bandage style or a short, A-line silhouette, dresses offer an easy way to create an incredible look for a night out, without spending the whole night getting ready. Pair a little black dress with high-heels and jewelry to showcase great style and restraint or opt for bold colors like cobalt and gold or bright prints to stand out. Pair your dress with stilettos, pumps, or booties to add stand up to your stand out. If you’re a flats girl, have fun pairing both solid and print dresses with silver, gold, sequined, and patent leather flats.

Be Wise – Accessorize!

Accessorize any outfit to show you’re ready to party. An embellished clutch or one in a bright leather adds a touch of fun while statement jewelry is a great way to jazz up classic ensembles. For a bold dress or outfit, opt for subtler jewels or bedazzle a sophisticated affair by adding serious bling. Whether you choose a dress or stylish separates for your night out, as long as you feel happy and confident you’ll be good to go.

What Top to Wear With Grey Sweatpants

Grey sweatpants definitely earn high marks for comfort, but they’re not usually the most stylish pants option. If you want to make your sweats look a little more stylish, switching up your top is an easy way to do it. Forget pairing it with a traditional matching grey sweatshirt or hoodie, and get a little more creative. With the right top and accessories, you can make your old grey sweats a little more versatile.

Go Tight

Create a balanced silhouette by pairing loose, grey sweatpants with a snug top that shows off your curves. For a simple, casual look, pair a form-fitting white T-shirt with your sweats and tennis shoes. Since grey is a neutral color, you can also rock a fitted graphic tee with multiple colors if you want a little more flair for your look. A fitted tank in a bold color like tangerine or turquoise works well with simple grey sweats when the weather’s warm. When the temperatures drop, wear your sweatpants with a fitted red Henley for a sporty look.

Go Cropped

Another way to balance the look of grey sweats is to pair them with a short top that doesn’t add any more volume to your lower body. Put a twist on the traditional sweat suit by pairing your sweatpants with a cropped grey sweatshirt — get flirty by choosing an off-the-shoulder style and layering it over a tank or camisole with lacy straps. In warm weather, go for a similar look with a cropped black tee– pair the look with gladiator sandals for a comfortable, casual look.

Go Comfy

Wearing your grey sweats with a big, cozy sweatshirt is definitely comfortable, but it’s not the most stylish look. If you want to maximize comfort and still look polished, pair grey, slim-cut sweats with a sweater instead of a sweatshirt. Go with a cobalt V-neck sweater or a black, chunky-knit, crew-neck style, and pair them with flat boots. If you really want a relaxed, low-key look, wear your sweats with a red boyfriend sweater and tennis shoes.

Go Unexpected

Grey sweatpants aren’t the most polished pants that you can opt for, but choosing a tailored pair and wearing them with unexpected tops can instantly dress them up. Pair your grey sweats with a white-fitted button-down, and tuck it in for a chic, put-together look — add ballet flats, and you’re ready to go. For a more casual look, wear the sweatpants with a denim shirt. Choose a fitted style, or knot a larger shirt at the waist. Go edgy by layering a black leather jacket over a simple white tank top and pairing it with your sweats. Add black motorcycle-style boots and a chunky silver chain necklace to complete your outfit.




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