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How To Dress For A Date Nicely – Basic Tips For Men

There are many ways to dress to impress on the first date, and none of them include tight clothing. If you’re dating the woman of your dreams, remember these tips from the fashion professionals to make a fantastic first impression on a date.

Men should avoid wearing khakis

This is one of the least known tips on how to dress for a date. For many guys, khakis may seem like the perfect first date, because they are smarter than jeans but much more casual than pants. However, style experts recommend that men not avoid khakis. In fact, khakis scream “casual workplace. They don’t really look sexy. On the other hand, jeans are sexy and very acceptable in almost every dating situation today. You just have to make sure you stick to the simple dark jeans.

Men should not wear a striped shirt

If you want to impress a woman, maybe one of the keys is to stand out from the crowd. But nothing can ruin your chances like wearing a striped shirt. Do you see stripes when you look at a restaurant or a bar? That’s why you’ll be better off with a shirt with a more subtle pattern. A nice polo shirt might be the more casual alternative and it also looks good under a great sports jacket.

Men can wear a leather jacket

There is no other item that can convey masculinity, success, elegance, and sex appeal like a black leather jacket. So if you really want to impress a woman on the first date, you shouldn’t overlook a leather jacket.

A little color will go a long way

If you’re not on your way to a Goth girl, it’s a little grumpy to be dressed all in black. You shouldn’t wear beige, since neutral colors are pretty boring. On the contrary, too much flash can be an obvious distraction. Therefore, you shouldn’t try to attract attention to a red sweater, a hot pink T-shirt, or a shirt with a logo. Wearing a sweater with a jewel tone will be an impressive statement, not too pompous, but not too flashy either.

Men should wear a beautiful watch

A beautiful watch is the only piece of jewelry that fits any man. No matter how successful you are or what your personal style is, it’s always attractive because it shows that you pay attention to detail (like accessories) and are punctual and confident with your station in life.

Men should wear beautiful boots

When it comes to style tips on how to dress for a date, shoes are as important as shirts and pants. Women are obsessed with shoes and will immediately notice what you have chosen for a date. Normally, any shoe, including slippers, would look good, especially with jeans. Boots are also appropriate. You should wear nice boots that are like leather jackets for your feet. However, you should make sure your shoes look good. To do this, polish them and remove the dirt that has accumulated on the sides and bottom. A man who takes care of his shoes could be trusted to be detail-oriented in other areas of his own life, from his home to a relationship.

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