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8 simple cute summer outfits 🐚

Top 3 Styles of Women’s Summer Hats

As summer approaches, there is a trend in summer hats for women. It seems that everywhere I turned last weekend, I saw a woman with a hat that looked different. Summer hats are not only light and casual, but they are also a great super-functional way to add a little attitude to an outfit. Decades ago it was not uncommon to see a man or even a woman go out without wearing a hat on their head. In recent years, the number of women who wear hats on special occasions has slowly changed.

This year is different, it’s time to wear a trendy hat and make a mark. Come on, ladies, get out of the box, and make a mark by wearing a hat that makes your outfit! Here are three types of summer hats for women that you can wear in style.

Semi-casual hats

This style happens to be my favorite because they’re in the way. Semi-casual hats are a bit casual because they are typically made of linen or straw, but they can make you look smart in seconds. You can wear this kind of hat at the beach, for a nice sun kiss at the pool, or you can wear it as a summer dress when you go out.

Casual Hats

Informal hats look more like sports hats and the like. They are used for special trips to the park or to watch a baseball game and the sport of your favorite team. Typically, these are the “grab and go” hats if you wear your shorts and want to look a little more sporty. This style is great if you spend a lot of time outdoors and dress a little more casually.

Stylish Hats

Sleek hats are so practical when you want to add a touch of class to your appearance. They are perfect for attending a church service or adding the finishing touch to your summer wedding outfit. Fancy hats are a great accessory when worn with the right piece.

Just some easy cute #summeroutfits that sandy and I came up with! Also, my wardrobe was very limited as I only packed a backpack to LA lol

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