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DIY Christmas decorations

Whether you are having people over for Christmas or you are someone’s guest, Christmas decorations are what makes Christmas feel like the most magical time of the year. Some people might get too busy to decorate their house, or they don’t have any new ideas on how to renew their old decorations. Regardless of the reason, in this video, we created some amazing last minute holiday hacks to save the day.

You can create your own Christmas tree decorations from scratch and you can see that in our first video compilation. If you have little children in your family waiting for their gifts you can make this Christmas memorable by adding their handprints on their Christmas decoration balls and let them write their name and the year. This would be a good reminder for Santa to bring them their gifts.

If you like minimal art decorations you can try out trick using wool knit and glue, or you can create your own “edible” Christmas tree decoration by decorating your favorite candy. We demonstrate in our tutorial how to make a Christmas candy decoration that resembles Rudolf. In addition, we have an amazing way to make little angel decorations using paper clips. This can be a great idea if you are decorating your office Christmas tree and you would like to add something extra.

Of course, DIY Christmas Cards couldn’t be missing from our video, so we show you many different ways to create your own. We have Christmas an amazing red and green card where you create a tree cut out and stick it on the inside of the card so that when you open it a beautiful Christmas tree pops up. You can also decorate it with different craft jewelry to make it extra special. If you are looking for a more minimalistic card you can create one using a cinnamon stick, a gold ribbon and a little star on top. The cinnamon represents the tree trunk and we show you how to fold the ribbon to create the tree shape. Watch our video to discover all types of Christmas Cards that you can make for your loved ones.

You can create a Christmas tree using plastic spoons and card paper. This one is perfect if you are looking for a way to decorate your office desk or your coffee table. Here is how to do it. Take a green card paper and roll it in order to shape a cone. After that, take your plastic spoons and cut the handles off, using hot glue stick them on the card paper starting from the bottom and move upwards. Finally, spray paint them green and add a little Christmas star on top. You can also decorate it using Christmas ribbons or pearl ribbons. In addition to that, we show you an awesome way to make a Christmas tree using forks.

Watch our whole video to find ways to fold your paper towels in a Christmas tree shape for your guests and a way to make a fabulous tree using plastic bottles.
0:43 – Star decoration trick
1:33 – DIY snowman decoration
3:34 – 3D angel Card
4:31 – Real pine-tree card
5:45 – DIY snowman card
6:49 – Papercraft cut-outs
7:33 – Color sample card hack
8:21 – DIY Christmas tree using spoons
9:01 – DIY Christmas tree using forks
9:24 – Plastic bottles decoration
11:14 – Melted bids tree decorations
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