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Cute Flats – 4 Shoe Types That Look Good With Different Outfits

If you spend a lot of time choosing the right clothes for work, a date, or any other outing, deciding which shoes to wear with them can sometimes be the most difficult of all decisions. Different shoes give you a different look, so choosing the wrong shoes to go with your great clothes can turn a great outfit into a fashion disaster. On the other hand, choosing the right shoes can turn an ordinary outfit into a really great one.

It doesn’t have to be that hard, though. Choosing the right pair of flat shoes, high heels, or other footwear can make your outfit beautiful to fabulous. Here are some examples of which shoes should be worked with which soles to ensure that your suit has the full look it needs to look good.


Instead of having a separate heel piece, the wedges have a heel that goes from the middle of the shoe to the back of the shoe. This distinctive style is available with a low or high heel. Because the style has a thick heel, it is better for shoes with protruding heels. Long, loose skirts go well with this style, as do flare legged pants.

Flat Pants

These slippers are sometimes called ballerina flats. They have an elegant look that can be both feminine and sophisticated, depending on the style and details of this pair of shoes. These delicate shoes go well with tight jeans. They are also a perfect shoe to accentuate short skirts without overloading the rest of the outfit.


The boots, the classic winter shoes, are available in a range of very fashionable styles. Whether you prefer a flat boot or a heeled boot, a knee-length boot, or a thigh-high boot, there is a style to suit you. Boots go well with tight jeans and long skirts, but the straight boot with a flared leg cowboy is also a good choice. If you wear boots with long skirts, look for boots higher than the hem of the skirt to make them look longer.


Shoes with a low cut at the front and a heel are a classic shoe that you can do everything with. The heels can be wide or narrow and depend on the style of the season.

Bombs simply fit almost anything. They add a bit of sophistication to a simple t-shirt or jeans suit and look great with medium to long skirts. They also go well with pants.

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