How to Match a Pair of Pink Fairy Wings With Your Halloween Dress-up

Pink fairy wings are a great accessory for a Halloween party, but you should make sure they match your outfit. Let’s see what kind of costumes you can match with a pair of wings like that. If you’ve chosen a dress, it should be white, but if you have a bold personality, you can also choose a black dress. A pure angel or a mystical night queen, it’s up to you to decide. The soul of any party is the costume, especially if it’s a celebration like Halloween or a Christmas party among friends.

If you want to be elegant, you also have to be careful when choosing the materials. A white satin dress and a pair of pink fairy wings and matching shoes will definitely make an impression. You could call this the look of an angel. If you want a magic suit, you can choose a black satin dress with lace and matching gloves. Pink is an almost castrated and pale color, but to make it stand out you need other pink accessories.

For example, you can choose a pink halo, which gives a playful touch to the overall image. Alternatively, you could choose some pink devil hornets that would represent your cheerful character. The idea is to play with the accessories and create an image that fits perfectly with the outfit you’re going to wear. Pink fairy wings can also be combined with pink high heels, and together with the blackest dress, you will surely become a beautiful and special night fairy.

Pay special attention to details such as hair and makeup. If you are an angel, you will wear natural makeup that is barely noticeable. On the other hand, if you wear a black dress and accessories that show you are the queen of the night, you will need more dramatic makeup.

Give up your hair for that angelic look and straighten it if you want to conquer the night. You can easily play with accessories with your clothes and your pink fairy wings. A nice shiny bag in the same color as your beautiful wings will also be a nice look.

00:04 Comic book makeup
00:28 Fake scars and wounds
01:09 Mermaid makeup
01:21 Queen of Hearts look
01:59 Pennywise makeup
06:41 DIY crown
06:58 DIY Pirate hook
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