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10 Cute and CHEAP Outfits Under 5K Diamonds in Royale High!

Overview on Diamond Cutting For Diamond Rings

The diamond is the most used gem to make expensive jewelry. Most diamond jewelry is set as a necklace or pendant, earrings, bracelets, diamond rings, etc. A jewelry set is ideal for special occasions where women wear a long, elegant dress and need to match their outfit with sparkling, glittering diamonds.

Diamonds can be so wonderful to look at, especially when combined with a perfect garment and a secure wearer. Anyone can easily look stunning and stand out in a crowd with a set of sparkling jewelry, especially when it comes to diamonds. People know how expensive these gems are, so most people who wear them consider themselves rich and elegant. But other than that, did you know that it takes a long time to dig up this stone and make a diamond ring, bracelet or pendant out of it?

It takes hard work to dig up that stone. Most people who are successful in mining this stone have a lot of experience in mining and really know how to get something so beautiful out of the ground. And before jewelry makers can use this stone to make jewelry, the stone must go through many phases of grinding, cutting, and polishing before it can be used for jewelry making.

Did you know that about half of the original size of the stone is lost during cutting and polishing?

Diamonds are actually raw and can be somewhat oily. It is only through the process of cutting and polishing that a stone can show its beauty. The cutting process includes splitting, laser cutting or sawing, and polishing.

A diamond cutter removes imperfections such as cracks, bumps, and opacities and increases the potential of the stone in this process. Professional cutters have knowledge and skills developed through years of practice. They also have plans for certain types of cutting to produce a larger and therefore more expensive stone.

So if you are looking for this stone for a diamond ring, you must know how to recognize a perfect cut to get the best price.

Hey everyone! Lots of people have suggested to me that I make some cheap outfit ideas because I like to use dear Dollie heels a lot. Here you are! 10 Cheap outfits under 5k diamonds each!!!!!!
Hope you enjoy the video!!! Thank you so much for 25k subs you guys are da best!!!

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