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10 BACK TO SCHOOL OUTFIT IDEAS (i’m too dumb 4 school but at least i look cute)

10 Tips For Back-to-School Success!

Most of us fear the end of summer. Children are reluctant to return to the early morning routine, to the structured days, and to the homework that comes with school. And many parents are also hesitant to return to the early morning routine, the structured days, and the homework!

Whether your child is returning to preschool, elementary school, or high school, here are 10 tips to help you make a successful transition back to school.

1) Reduce bedtime – In the summer, it’s easy to put off going to bed a little later. About 3 weeks before school starts, you should reduce your child’s bedtime so that he or she gets up at the end of the third week at the same time that he or she has to get up for school. (It takes about 3 weeks for the body to get used to a new sleep schedule.) ) If you put your child to bed at 9 p.m., you do so at 8:45 p.m. about 15 minutes earlier in the first week. The next week you put him to bed at 8:30 p.m. and the following week at 8:15 p.m. Also, start waking your child up a little earlier each week so that he or she has the
The school schedule.

2) Buy school supplies with your child from the beginning. Your child gains a sense of personal responsibility by choosing his or her own school supplies.

3) Create a homework basket – Let your child choose a homework basket while you buy school supplies. This basket should contain all the materials needed to complete the homework, i.e. lots of pencils and erasers, a ruler, scissors, paper, markers, etc. These supplies should be used exclusively for homework, to avoid excuses when homework time comes.

4) Find breakfast and lunch ideas that are appropriate for children. Buy simple, nutritious foods that are high in protein in your child’s diet. Protein improves the neural connections in the brain.

5) Get organized – Develop a filing system for all paperwork that comes home.

5) Check bus safety rules.

6) Buy school clothes for the first day of school. If you can afford it, let your child go to school in a new outfit that is fun and gives a special feeling.

7) Develop strategies for the morning – Do as much as possible the night before each school day. Review the weather forecast with your child and choose an appropriate outfit for the weather. Make sure his homework/supplies are in his backpack at night. Have lunch boxes or snacks ready. Have your child show you a picture table with their morning assignments and mark them when they are done. Take some time off to see how long the morning routine should last and add 10 minutes.

8) Teacher’s meeting – If your school has a teacher’s meeting or open house, be sure to go. Ask the teacher for an overview of the day’s activities so you can prepare your child. Also ask the teacher about what you expect from the homework. Take a picture of your child with the teacher and hang it on the refrigerator. Make sure your child can get his or her bearings at school. Arrange a play date if your child knows another child in the class.

9) End of Summer Ritual – It may be helpful to create a ritual with your child to mark the end of the summer. It could be a scrapbook of the summer’s events. Perhaps go to an amusement park for one last hurrah.

10) Duplicate school rules – Ask your child about the rules in his or her class once school has started, i.e. no sales. Try to imitate the language spoken in the classroom at home to reinforce lessons in both places.

here r some school outfits to look better than your classmates teehee. these r cute and lazy college outfits! *!! BE SURE TO ADJUST TO YOUR DRESS CODE !!* (ex: if ur school doesn’t allow crop tops… don’t wear a crop top just bc I wore one LOL! I’m in college now so no dress code exists!)
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