🍁Transition Into Autumn Cute & Cozy Outfit Ideas 🍁|| Unzzy Store

i hereby announce that autumn has begun!!!!!! with the power of turtlenecks!!!! i spelt it cosy with a z in the title for all the americans out there this one’s for u…

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Clothes (you can use the discount code mikanmandarin )!:
https://bit.ly/2lTHOwA T-shirt + plaid skirt
https://bit.ly/2lCdarj purple skirt
https://bit.ly/2jXZExT Brown woolen coat
https://bit.ly/2lTHT3m Black skirt two-piece set
https://bit.ly/2lAU3xS Red Retro Dress
https://bit.ly/2lwlpFu Lace V-Neck Tank
https://bit.ly/2lZla6b cherry vest
https://bit.ly/2lvgQeI embroidered sweater two-piece
https://bit.ly/2lXjaLF heart bead necklace
https://bit.ly/2lCd17f pink beret
https://bit.ly/2lCd17f khaki beret

Camera – https://amzn.to/2zC2ptW
Mic – https://amzn.to/2zC0oOb

“Nobody Knows” – Kenai: https://soundcloud.com/kenaiiibeats/nobody-knows
“the thought of u” – burbank: https://soundcloud.com/danielburbank/the-thought-of-you