Eye Makeup For Red Dresses

Eye Makeup For Red Dresses

A. 10 Makeup Looks That Go Perfectly With a Red Dress

Red is a bold color that should not be confused with something that is not bold, vibrant and noticeable. Although we could certainly create makeup looks to use on the calendar for every occasion (let’s face it, most of us have looks planned for the coming months), what happens when we want to combine a beautiful makeup that makes a statement on the side, such a memorable color ? Everyone has a variation of red dress in their closet (waiting to be worn). That’s why we have put together the best makeup looks for a red dress that will instantly make you want to open that bag of clothes or gift a new jumpsuit.

1. A touch of sparkle

A little sparkle is all you need to keep things glamorous without overwhelming your dress. A shiny eye combined with pink cheeks and a shiny lip is the key if you want to keep your makeup natural but dimensional. While you can see the color in Taylor Swift’s eyelids being more of a champagne shade, you can play with any soft glow if you want to play with your eyes.

2. The perfect balance

Smoky eyes and shiny lips combine well and complement your favorite purple cocktail dress. Kerry Washington’s makeup is always amazing, but this extra gentle smoke show is a great alternative to traditional and more whimsical smoky eyes – let your dress speak.

3. Metallic and Dewy

There are some things that work perfectly together, and that wet metallic eye is a great way to balance that makeup look for a red dress. The metallic tint adds shine, while your hydrated skin gives that healthy and effortless eyebrow feel to lip gloss. Use a waterproof eyeliner and put it around your eyes, bringing the metallic shadow over it. Apply a liquid highlighter under the forehead and on the cheeks (in the blush) for a healthy glow and use a great moisturizer under the makeup as a base every day.

4. Fierce and fresh

Gabrielle Union’s wild black eyeliner in combination with an open lip matches perfectly with a red dress. A classic Hollywood makeup look with a different twist. The eyes are aligned above and below and meet at the outer edges on a sharp wing. Add plenty of mascara as a finishing touch.

5. Bronze and peach

As if JLo had to give us even more reasons to drool with her makeup, this look looks incredibly good with a red dress because of the warm shades of peach and bronze that are worn over the eyes, cheeks and lips. This is another perfect example of a look you can wear with any type of red, including dresses with a reddish-orange hue (highlighted by the peach hues in your makeup). Instead, replace your traditional blush with suntan and apply a slightly deeper bronze shade around your eyes so that they really stand out.

6. Clean skin and bitten lips

Jamie Chung’s perfectly balanced makeup look shows how different color variations of red lips can be combined with a red dress, depending on the skin color. This berry red combined with a softer berry red and thick and voluminous lashes is a look that even the minimalist who wears makeup would love to try. Use a combination of creamy lips and cheeks in one to make things simpler.

7. So silver

Lady Gaga is known for wearing some of the most shocking and beautiful makeup looks of all time. This shows us how silver and red combine. The brilliance and brilliance of silver together with the matte lip give us everything we could wish for for a more daring makeup, but still with a chic flow. If you recreate this look yourself, you can blend the shadow up to the forehead, as shown here, or use a silver eyeliner around the eyes for something finer. Combine it with an ornate red dress (instead of Gaga silver) and invert the look with a silver lip, if you dare.

8. Monochrome moment

The sensation of monochrome nudity in Rose Huntington-Whiteley’s makeup is an excellent color palette for a red dress if you want to have a more natural makeup look. Soft browns in the eyes with the right amount of eyeliner give definition without distraction. As the nude colors are different for each person, you don’t have to imitate the exact tones shown here if you want to wear this look yourself. Just choose more earth tones in the colors that best suit your skin.

9. Beautiful in pink

Pink variations look beautiful outside the month of February in addition to a red dress. Since pink is basically a softer and less saturated red, when you combine your lip with a red dress, you’ll find a good balance between two similar shades that complement each other. The key is to find out which shade of pink tones best matches the type of red tones in your dress so that nothing overlaps the other.

10. The cat movie

As you can see here at Emily Ratajkowski, this little strip of eyeliner with soft, natural skin looks amazing in a red dress, making us wonder how we can keep our skin shining like that all day. Use the tip of a liquid eyeliner to achieve that touch of eyeliner and stretch slightly beyond the lash line. Because it is a little different from the traditional winged eyeliner, you don’t have to focus so much on getting the perfect shape. Then use a colorful moisturizer, liquid highlighter and natural lip gloss or lipstick color of your choice. This look requires minimal lashes. Therefore, clean it with a single layer of mascara.


B. 9 Stunning Makeup Ideas You Can Try With Your Red Dress

Which dress is your choice to stand out at a party? With a resounding roar, most women would choose a red dress, as it seems to bring a seductive but bold expression to all women. But getting this beautiful dress can be tricky. One wrong move and the whole look goes from sexy to circus. However, there is not a single look that you need to adopt to get a red dress with a special touch. Here are some ideas that you can try with your red dress.

1. Nude Glow On Red

Since the red dress is a bright and noticeable part of your look, you need to choose a focal point for the rest of your look. If you highlight each feature, you will lose elegance and look good. One look that many celebrities have adopted along with their red dresses on red carpets is the nude glow. They do not put any ornament on your face, but your entire skin serves as a focal point, emitting a kind of tan glow. For this look, apply a colored moisturizer instead of the base. The foundation gives your skin a fresh, natural look. Apply mineral shine powder on the face. For shiny cheeks, apply Blush Shimmer powder followed by bronze powder on the apples instead of under the cheekbones. Natural matte eyeshadow, cabbage pencil and black mascara are all you need for your eyes. Use a transparent gloss or nude lipstick to complete the look.

2. Red on red for day and night

Wearing red lipstick with the red dress is a classic combination, but be sure to take it off. When you’re getting ready for an evening party, this bold look can be followed. Start with a foundation and use a very light blush on the cheekbones. You can make your eyes with a strong eyeliner. Wingtip eyeliner and cute false eyelashes go well with this look. But don’t put a dark shade. Ignore the shade completely or, if you prefer, you can try a natural, sparkling shade. Now wear the same red dress as the lipstick, or at least the same family and warmth. Any other red would collide and ruin your look. Cover with a gloss.

During the day, you can soften the look by replacing the gel liner with a soft brown pencil liner. Release the sparkling eyeshadow and apply pink blush powder. The lipstick should be red and look like the dress.

3. Old school glam look

The glamor of the old Hollywood school can be captured with a red dress and makeup. First, apply concealer and foundation evenly on the face and mix well. Seal with a translucent powder. Now, for the eyes, pass over the eyelids with a cream shade in a natural tone. Then, use a gel eyeliner to create a defined line that starts thin at the inner corner of the eye and ends thick and with wing tips at the outer edge. The flying eyeliner is an art that cannot be mastered in a day. Practice a few times before to perfect your technique. Finally, use mascara to add volume to your lashes. For your lips, this look needs red. You can use bold red lipsticks. Or if you’re not sure, you can use a pure red lip gloss or lip color.

4. Smoky eyes

Although many are afraid to create theatrical eyes because they can collide with a red dress, smoky eyes, if you are careful, go very well with the dramatic red dress. The combination of smoky eyes and red dress is particularly inviting for evening events. However, you need to remember that your eyes are now the focus, so your face and lips need to be left behind. So, apply a very thin layer of BB cream (a colored moisturizer would do). A peach-pink hue on the cheekbones would add something to the naked face. Bronzer is not necessary. But if the foundation makes your face pale, add a bronze powder for a healthy color. For the eyes, start with a concealer on the eyelids to help the eyeshadow stick to them. Using a pencil, draw thick lines around the eyes. Use mascara to add volume to your lashes. Now trace the pencil lines with a gel eyeliner for defined lines. Finally, brush your eyelids with metallic eyeshadow. Instead of cream eyeshadow, opt for two layers of powder eyeshadow. A nude lipstick or lip gloss should be enough for your lips.

5. Fun and seductive

You don’t always need to look stunning in a red dress. It can be dressed with a casual and fun look. For this look, start with a colorful moisturizer. Apply neutral eyeshadow. Using an eyeliner, draw a thin line over the eyes and mix it with the shadow with your finger. Eye makeup needs to be minimal, but you need to use false eyelashes for this look. The simple appearance of doe eyes is captured by bulky lashes. Curl the false eyelashes and use mascara to fluff and detangle the clumps. Add some color to your cheeks at the top of your cheekbones, but don’t highlight them. A colorful lip gloss is enough for your lips. You can also apply transparent pink lipstick or gloss.

6. Lips and nails

Although you can choose a red lipstick for a classic and glamorous look, it is generally better to use lighter colors that are closer to the natural. A colorful lip gloss is the best option to avoid color conflict. On your nails, don’t try to match the colors with your dress. Only a French manicure would do you good. When you use nail polish, opt for nude colors.

7. Hair

Keep it simple for your hair. Do not opt ​​for tight curls or an elaborate hairstyle. Slightly curled locks that fall over your shoulders frame your face perfectly without taking the focus off your makeup.

8. Skin

A red dress can easily accentuate redness and other skin imperfections. So don’t hesitate to use a good foundation, such as a brand color correction foundation, to mask blemishes. On the other hand, if you have clean skin, you don’t have to worry too much. All you need is a colored moisturizer.

9. Mark eyes or lips, but never both

A good rule of thumb to look good in a color like red is to avoid heavy makeup. They will look exaggerated and cheap if you are generous with bold colors. On the other hand, no makeup can make you look dull and faded. So, highlight your eyes or lips for a classic and elegant look!

You will surely go crazy at your most anticipated party with these simple makeup tips for red dress! Whether you are the host or the guest, you