Euphoria Outfits

Euphoria Outfits

A. 9 of Euphoria’s most iconic fashion moments

Maybe it’s the news that we’re going to have some bonus episodes coming up, or maybe it has something to do with Zendaya’s well-deserved historic Emmy win, but something about the changing seasons has obsessed us with euphoria more than ever. Although the HBO series originally aired last June (the passage of time confuses our still-ruined little heads), it has trapped audiences lately, keeping TikTok Audio, fans, changes and playlists full of mazes.

And certainly part of the reason why our love for the show lasts so long, even if only one season remains, Euphorias is instantly a fashion icon. The show’s aesthetics are so strong that each choice of beauty and fashion of their characters is instantly recognizable (and tantalizingly easy to copy in a quick TikTok) that we are already looking forward to seeing what Rue, Jules, Kat, Maddy and the rest are. Don for the second season. While waiting and browsing BTS photos on Instagram to find out, here’s a look back at some of the most iconic looks in the series.

1. Maddy’s carnival look

If there is a phrase that the people of Euphoria remember, it is the legendary phrase of Maddy: “Well, I shouldn’t be here now because I am dressed like a prostitute and neither of you likes me”. When you hear the line, you can immediately imagine the outfit that would match it. The extremely purple I.Am.Gia with cutouts? That’s him. Although it may not be the most usable IRL look (please, sir, my hips sink, they are very sick), Alexa Demie’s character, her identity and her body and sexual possessions sum up perfectly. A timeless look for a timeless queen.

2. Cassie’s Halloween Costume

One of Euphoria’s most moving moments is when McKay doesn’t appreciate his girlfriend Cassie’s Halloween tribute to the 1993 police thriller, True Romance. The cult film, which is unfortunately directed by Quentin Tarantino, shows Patricia Arquette as Alabama Whitman, a former sex worker fleeing the Mafia. Although it was a box office failure when it was released, the ’90s movie became a cult classic, largely thanks to Alabama’s clothing. Cassie gets the rest right until the 2020 shaggy haircut, the cow print skirt and the blue balcony bra. Unfortunately, her boring boyfriend takes off her clothes and dresses up as a football player. Honestly, it’s linked to Rue’s overdose (SPOILER, but that’s her fault) as the saddest scene in the series. We will not receive further questions or comments at this time.

3. Even more important is Lexi’s Halloween costume

Perhaps because Maddy, Cassie, Rue, Jules and Kat attracted unforgettable looks throughout the first season of Euphoria, Lexis – Cassie’s sister and Rue’s best friend on the first day – is unfortunately neglected. But she is still beautiful, whether in her daily school-inspired outfits with a high collar, waistcoat, corduroy and soft color palettes, or her vintage-inspired sweaters. Lexi’s best moment is undoubtedly her appearance on Halloween as the beloved American artist Bob Ross. It gives us a very “Georgia from Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging” look when she dresses up in Olive and unfortunately finds out that boys don’t like girls because they are funny. Lexi and Georgia dance proudly to their own drums, so we’re still on our feet. Great permanent too.

4. Jules carnival look

Since the beginning of euphoria, when Jules is introduced to the rue, who looks like a figure from Sailor Moon, she has an ethereal, supernatural, almost magical effect. Her carnival outfit, a typical Jules mix of glitter, silk, pink and white, is no exception. Hunter Schafer’s pink sliding dress, worn over a long-sleeved striped knit with matching pink hair and choker, is a kind of anime-heroine-meets-Carrie White: the perfect focal point of light and dark, and the aesthetic equivalent from the ghost to the presentation.

5. Rue Hawaiian Shirt

Jules can pull Rue for his Seth Rogen-style fashion – and nowhere is this more accurate than at this posh Pineapple Express Hawaiian shirt moment – but honestly, we’re kind of excited. Rue’s closet is full of androgynous pieces inspired by grunge, and although she is more discreet, she occasionally lights up her clothes with colors, mixed prints and cheerful patterns. It is probably not by chance that this tends, as is the case this time in episode three, when Rue is with Jules, because then her personality also seems to light up. Which is really cute.

6. Rue’s Detective Look

ACAB, of course, but we all like that real detective look. It is very Pepe Silvia, but when it was hot and how was Zendaya.

7. Kat’s makeover

None of Euphoria’s characters embarks on an aesthetic journey like Kat. While the character, played by Barbie Ferreira, begins an uncomfortable and insecure season, she quickly undergoes a makeover (both in style and behavior) as she enters her online niche as sex worker Findom finds. She then adopts a more risky BDSM look, which surprises us as she passed the uniform controls at Euphoria High. Still, he gave us this iconic slow motion DMX runner, so I can’t blame him.

8. Jules Halloween Look

Jules undoubtedly pays homage to Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet and channels Claire Danes’ reality as a Halloween angel. Jules has a suitable modern twist – Euphoria’s trademark is a feast for the eyes, thanks to legendary makeup artist Doniella Davy – but still hints at the next level when she gets drunk and falls into the pool with a reluctant rue, a return to they famous pool scene with Leonardo DiCaprio in the 1996 classic (you know the one, Desirees “Kissing You” plays in the background). Unfortunately, Rue doesn’t feel the romance as much as Leo and Claire, but we hope this is a sign that Rules will have at least a happier ending than its Shakespearean counterparts.

9. Formal winter outfit by Maddy

I mean, no explanation needed.


B. Euphoria Fashion: 3 Halloween (or Anytime) Looks Inspired by the Show

This post may contain affiliate links. This means that we can receive a commission when you purchase through our links. Please read our full disclosure here. If you haven’t seen HBO’s Euphoria series, you’re missing out on quality entertainment and incredible fashion and makeup inspos.

With Halloween coming up, I thought it would be the perfect time for an Euphoria fashion guide. Dressing up as a Euphoria character gives you an excuse to buy some clothes for trendy girls and put on as much glitter as you can (or even practice a sick eyeliner to see how it looks on the show).

There are many characters to choose from. To get in the mood, here’s an iconic group photo of them on Halloween that is a great inspiration in itself:

For my Euphoria fashion guide below, I decided to keep three recognizable looks from the show. Most fans of the show should know exactly who you are. The best part is that you can reuse the looks or certain pieces in your day to day!

1. Regret

Now, there are two ways to do this with Rue. Casual and iconic outfit with the red sweatshirt is the simplest and “hers” look of hers. You can buy any type of oversized sweatshirt for this look, and the best part is that it is super comfortable to wear all year. Some black jeans, a black T-shirt and black Converse sneakers complete the look.

Now, there is another path you can take. Rue plays a lot with layers. This can be a fun way to explore other ways to style clothes, not just for Halloween. Here she is wearing a tie-dye shirt with a transparent long-sleeved top underneath. It would be such a fun look to try!

2. Jules

Jules is another example of someone with phenomenal layers skills. His appearance tends to be more traditionally feminine than Rue.

In the look above, Jules wears a white long-sleeved top under a short lilac top, both combined with a checkered high school skirt. You can use Converse or platform shoes to match the look. And don’t forget to put some glitter in the corner of your eye! (Here’s a great youtube makeup tutorial to lift your mood.)

3. Maddy

For me, Maddy has the most exquisite look of any character during the show. I think imitating them would be a lot of fun! While much of Maddy’s wardrobe is made of top-notch luxury items, there are some cheaper ways to copy them.

One of Maddy’s most famous looks is her iconic two-piece ensemble from I-Am-Gia. If you want to go to the club or even go to the club this is the perfect outfit. Just put on some heels and you’re done! Otherwise, you can also make this sweater set and plush skirt to get her style. Maddy is known for her editorial looks with eyeliner. Have fun with her makeup! (Here’s a tutorial inspired by Maddy’s makeup.)


C. Best “Euphoria” Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Make You Fall Back in Love with the Show

Euphoria may have come out last year (and that’s all when the second season comes out), but fans are still in love with the series. The show offers a dark and somber look at the pressures of modern teen life and has proved to be extremely popular. “Euphoria creator Sam Levinson built an incredible world with an extraordinary cast led by the extremely talented Zendaya,” said Francesca Orsi, executive vice president of programming for HBO. And there are some really good fashion moments during the season that make Halloween costumes perfect.

Whether you want to go for a glam look or do everything about clothing, this list definitely has something for you. Would you like to cover yourself with glitter? We have a fantasy for that. Do you want a cool school / raver look? Keep reading. Are you waiting for a casual Rue vibe? Get in hot! On October 31st, you’ll find the best Euphoria Halloween costumes for all of your favorite characters here.

1. Beautiful pink set of maddies

Is this costume really so cute and something you could even hold and wear after Halloween?

2. Maddy’s Lil Sheer

If you’re looking for a Halloween costume with a little sparkle, Maddy’s prom look is perfect for you.

3. Bright lashes from Jules

I want to use these lashes in the reg, anyone else?

4. Rue Reportable Adjustment

Make your Halloween costume easy and go like Rue on a vintage-inspired button.

5. Kats Badass Zebra Look

Bring your micro sunglasses for this Halloween costume. Add a light purple lip and you’re done.

6. Maddy and Cassie’s Matching Athleisure

Join a friend and go out like Maddy and Cassie. And you already know that you will wear these leggings more than once.

7. Maddy’s opinion of Britney in 2001

This denim set gives vibes to every 90’s.

8. Jules’ Chill School Girl Style

Wear a purple t-shirt over a long sleeve to complete this look.

9. Kats hot AF crimson look

This monochromatic look is so bold. Complete your costume with a winged eyeliner.

10. Jules metallic sliding dress

Opt for a completely pink look in a midi slip dress. Add pink highlights to do everything.

11. Maddy’s Cowboy Vibe

Maddy was like Iris for Halloween from the movie Taxi Driver. Another important makeup moment too.

12. Set of Cassie’s cow prints

A cow print skirt ?! Yes please. Here too, for a moment of bright blue shade.

13. Iconic Julius Angel Wings

Jules went to Halloween like Juliet, like Romeo and Juliet.