Disney Princess Dresses For Babies

Disney Princess Dresses For Babies

A. Babies Dress as Disney Princesses For Birthday Cake Smash — and the Photos Will Make Your Mouth Drop

If your love for Disney princesses competes only through your adoration for babies, you probably remember the viral photo of six newborns wrapped up like the most classic Disney princesses. Well, it’s been a year since that magical photo circulated on the internet, and to celebrate their first birthdays, the same photographer brought the girls together for a reunion. . . and break a fairytale cake!

Karen Marie, owner of Belly Beautiful Portraits, turned the kids into Ariel, Snow White, Aurora, Cinderella, Bela and Jasmine again. Each one was photographed on an elaborate background reflecting the character’s history using personalized, hand-made clothes created by Sew Trendy Accessories. And after the perfect portraits were made, she asked the children to dig a layered birthday cake with a tiara.

The result is as beautiful as the last photo shoot and is the happiest happy ending for the first year of life for these babies. May they all live happily!


B. Best Princess Dresses For Toddlers

1. Best princess dresses for kids

My daughter lives in princess clothes. We don’t just play dress up at home, we use it in public every day. Before long, a little girl wholeheartedly believes in fairy tales. If she wants to wear a Cinderella dress, so be it! So, what are the best princess dresses for kids? I’m glad you asked! Keep scrolling to see our favorite children’s princess dress and click on each photo to purchase the dress shown.

2. The perfect Disney Princess dress for kids

When my daughter showed interest in dressing, I looked everywhere for the perfect princess dress. Many brands cause itching and discomfort. Some are so cheap that, after a few uses, they will fall apart or not even survive the washing machine. Others are full of glitter that spreads EVERYWHERE. Although I don’t care about glitter, it drives my husband crazy. I was thrilled to run into the Little Adventures clothing brand. These special princess dresses for children are absolutely perfect for the little ones.

3. Best princess dresses for kids

I was very excited to discover the Little Adventures clothing brand. Her princess dresses are not only comfortable and light, but also machine washable and shiny, but without any loose glitter. The line of princess dresses is available on Amazon (eligible for Prime) and also costs less than $ 40. Cheap princess dresses for children cost around $ 15-25! I also think it’s great that the small size is suitable for 1-3 years. Other brands are too big (even extra small) for my son, so they pull the floor when she goes. We have dozens of these dresses and they have withstood countless wear and tear, crafts, snacks, Disney trips and more.

My daughter wears one of her Little Adventures princess dresses almost every time we visit Disney World. Read my tips for kids at Disney World. The material is light and breathable in Florida’s heat and humidity. On every trip, several mothers asked me where I bought their dresses. I’m not getting paid for this post, I just LOVE this dress brand and I want to share it with other mothers who have daughters who love princesses like me.


C. The best princess costumes for kids

They are all reserved for Disney and the children are full of excitement. Your little girl wants to look like your favorite princess, but the dress you have is itchy and leaves a trail of glitter everywhere. The tulle in her tutu itches so much that she develops a rash and cries to get it off immediately. Fifty dollars down the drain and now your baby is walking through Disney in a diaper.

Is it possible that your girl looks pretty AND is comfortable? The answer is yes! I’ve been looking for the softest and most dreamy clothes on the market and … drum rolls … some of them are even machine washable (you’re welcome, mom)! Here are the best princess costumes for kids on a trip to Disney!

1. Little adventures

This company is run by two rocking mothers who understand it. After their daughters ran away dress by dress, they developed the concept of “dressing for everyday life”.

Their clothes are soft and comfortable, which makes them perfect for children with sensitive skin. All Little Adventures dresses are quality, which means that the hems are closed, the fabric is durable and the seams are strong. They are machine washable and suitable for many adventures with princesses.

They even have adult costumes that are appropriate! Have you ever tried dressing up with your kids and the store’s costumes seem to be made for pin-ups? Well, these are dressed to make you feel comfortable chasing your child through the parks.

2. Presley Couture

These dresses are designed more like royal princess dresses than as costumes. At first glance, you would think that these dresses were expensive designer, but they are very affordable at an average price of $ 15.

Girl Mouse’s polka dot dress is very cute. Match it with some of your custom mouse ears and they’ll be ready to go to the parks. There are even matching dresses for her American Girl doll.

3. Only Little Once

This vintage inspired clothing line for girls will make you want to be young again. In fact, it is the designer’s mission that we adults remember how quickly this magical age passes, and embrace and enjoy it as much as we can.

It is a line of high quality clothes designed for comfort. Only Little Once uses only the softest brushed stretch cotton and each dress is lined with a high thread count cotton blend.

4. Poster originals

This store may not have so many options, but that is because they are mostly handmade by a mother who puts a lot of details and skill into her work. Their clothes are designed for daily cosplay. They have a pleated back for an adjustable fit and lightweight, soft fabrics to keep your princess beautiful and cool at the same time.

5. Mother approved costumes

This website offers a wide range of princess costumes for children, accessories and doll clothes. There is a machine washable dress for every prince and princess imaginable. Boys are not excluded with their own selection of costumes and capes.

Mom Approved Costumes has a Disney Trip Prep page where you can find a travel agent, get ideas on your Pinterest boards, or join the travel planning group on Facebook.

6. Lover Dovers clothes

This Etsy store is a passion project for this mother of three. Her retro inspired clothes deserve a storybook. They have elastic on the back and bow at the waist so that they fit perfectly and grow with the child.

She also has a series of summer princess dresses made with materials to keep her little ones cool in the warm Florida sun. All of her designs are machine washable. I can have a love!

The most amazing thing she does are women’s fantasy aprons! GENIUS! I couldn’t wrap my body in an adult princess dress after the baby, but I would love to dance in the apron parks. You don’t have to worry about size with a waist tie. The Fairy Godmother Cape and the apron are the perfect companion for your little Cinderella.

7. Pixie Kix

Don’t forget your shoes! Every princess needs a pair of designer shoes. Pixie Kix will make you a personalized pair of shoes for your trip! This mother was disappointed by the lack of beautiful, comfortable shoes to match her daughter’s princess dress on her trip to Disney. As she was a certified podiatrist with more than 12 years of experience in changing shoes, she worked to fill this gap.

Not only will her daughter feel like royalty in these dresses, but you will also help support another mother. And that is basically our duty as women. So hold on and go shopping!

I hope you found this list of the best princess costumes for kids useful. If you know of any big companies I missed, please let me know in the comments!