Crochet Beach Dresses

Crochet Beach Dresses

A. 13 Crochet Beach Cover-Up Dresses

Do you want to start the summer right? Floating blankets are perfect for your day in the sun. These DIY crochet swimsuit covers are stylish and fun.

Are you looking for a crochet dress to wear over your bikini? We have this. Want a crochet tunic for a more conservative look? This one. Beach covers are the perfect summer project. Take some yarn and create one!

1. Sea Breeze cover-up

This is an absolutely beautiful crochet pattern! The Sea Breeze Cover Up pattern is suitable for sizes S, M and L. However, you can do it in larger sizes if you wish, and you can choose in which colors you want to do it. This crochet dress is perfect for summer.

2. Crochet beach cover

Cover-ups should always be available when you are on the beach. You can make this free crochet dress from short to maximum length with long sleeves or without sleeves. Just choose your own style and start crocheting!

3. Beach cover-up

What’s more fun than a day at the beach? DIY beach covers! This cute disguise is what there is for a beach day! Or combine it with shorts and a tank top for a fun everyday look. This free crochet pattern is made from Red Heart yarn.

4. Arvene Beach Robe

Are you looking for a simple pattern that stimulates your imagination? This ombré beach robe that fades like the tide of the sea and has a beautiful slimming effect. You will love how the colors get deeper towards your core, just as the ocean gets darker the farther you are from the shore. This beach wrap is all you need to spark creativity.

5. South Beach Cover-up

Cover-ups are classic. Designed with the beach cover of a Hollywood actress, this golden style is a lot of fun to crochet. Wear it over a t-shirt, tank top and leggings or skinny jeans. It is also perfect as a swimsuit cover!

6. Island Beach Dress

This simple pattern is so customizable, from length to width to edge size and how big or small you want the armholes to be. Even the color combination. There are so many possibilities! It’s like getting 10 free samples of crochet dresses in one.

7. Beach Day coverall

Although designed as a swimsuit cover, it can work folded over leggings or skinny jeans and a tank top. The deep V-neckline at the front and back makes it easy to wear and has a subtly sexy appearance. Take your crochet hook and sew one!

8. Iris swimming cover

This simple pattern is very versatile. You can wear it on the shoulder or both. The length can also be changed by simply making more / less crochet threads. You can also choose where to place the cables. You can also adjust the length of the armholes.

9. Sanibel covert snooker dress

This is a loose crochet dress that is comfortable, gives you movement and keeps you covered. So it definitely has a positive lightness! It’s a free timeless crochet pattern.

10. Endless ways to crochet sarong

This piece may be the most versatile beach cover you have ever had. The unique and airy sarong can be used in many ways! Wear it as an attractive scarf or turn it into a dress or skirt. You decide how much you want to cover up and what style you want. In addition, crochet is fun because it uses simple crochet stitches.

11. Swimsuit cover style wrap

This simple crochet pattern uses fillet crochet to create a “knit” fabric to which we add holes for the arms and straps. Whether you are a child or a plus size, all you need is your height and you are ready for rock and roll. Wear this crochet tunic for the beach or for a summer dinner.

12. Navarre Crochet Beach Dress

This Crochet Navarre beach crochet dress pattern is a beautiful and easy free crochet beach cover pattern. It consists of 4 inserts and is great for crochet for beginners. It also creates a beautiful flowing crochet beach dress.

13. Cover bowls and crochet squares

This top crochet pattern is worked in a single solid piece from the bottom up. The pattern changes from large to medium and square bowls. The crochet wrap design also makes it very versatile.

The beach covers are so elegant and easy to make. They are the perfect accessory to take with you to the beach. And they come in many different styles. From a crochet kit to a crochet tunic, you can do something for every style.


B. Summer Beach Dress Guide | 20 Best Beach Cover Ups To Wear Everywhere

Walk on the beach, the lake or the pool … a chic outfit is mandatory! A beautiful cover not only makes you incredibly stylish, but also helps with sun protection and makes you feel more comfortable when walking. I have 20 types of costumes to choose from! Many of them are sold out, but I also linked other options! And more inspiration for swimming in the summer in the next posts …

1. Maximum crochet length

Thin and elegant, I love the look of a crochet blanket of maximum length! The details of the crochet can be very beautiful, and the maximum length will also make you look and feel sophisticated!

2. Romper Cover-up

Feel seductive with a disguise of cool overalls. Adds a touch of femininity to your outfit without making you feel too dressed. You can put on sandals and a hat and go!

3. Bohemian-inspired cover-up

This style is super cute and has a comfortable and relaxed fit. Choose one with a vintage pattern to really make a statement. Or keep it discreet with a more eclectic color!

4. Crochet lace open in front

This beautiful white blanket from Elan is perfect for the beach or the pool. The crochet finish is just beautiful … and the tie on the front makes it easy to put on and take off. It’s sold out in white, but I’ve linked black and some other similar options. See more photos and find more favorite cover-ups here.

5. Covered cotton dress

This outfit is perfect for when you want to get ready or go straight to the beach / pool for lunch!

6. Wrap skirt

Combine the top of your swimsuit with a beautiful wrap-around summer skirt. Make a statement when choosing a high, fun and colorful pattern. However, be sure to use prints at the bottom, as this can make you look taller than you are.

7. Printed cover

A printed cover can make a beautiful statement on the beach. It is perfect for holidays!

8. Henley covering up

Go casual-but-cute with a Henley-inspired beach outfit. You can leave it open, button it or tie it.

9. Brave kimono

Similar to the printed cover, you can wear a bold and brightly colored kimono!

10. T-shirt dress with beach cover

I love a T-shirt dress, no matter where I go! Wear a t-shirt and go to lunch and then the pool is super easy and chic!

11. Sleeveless maxi cover

Maxi dresses are super chic and sophisticated, no matter what type, style or length of sleeves!

12. Cover kimono

I love this deep kimono with a deep V-neckline and elaborate crochet details! Kimono-style covers are my favorites because they are easy to put on and take off! Convenience is the key!

13. Cover handprint

I’m a big fan of the bold summer palm print! You may remember my post about a new favorite palm print dress I got. I love the print, as long as it’s subtle and chic.

14. Linen wrapping

Linen is a great summer fabric as it keeps you cool and dries quickly (perfect in the water)! Combine this fabric with a wrap around cover and you have a super chic and feminine piece. In addition, each style of wrapping will help to hide the belly! In this post you will find swimsuits that can be used to hide the belly.

15. Mesh cover

Depending on the heat of where you are, a mesh cover would be great! This cover-up is very popular on Amazon and I think it’s great that it’s knitted, has long sleeves and has a slit in the leg. You can also adjust the waist. This is a very chic option!

16. Wrap skirt

Wearing a flowing maxi skirt overlay is a great way to make a statement!

17. Pareo

I presented a beautiful pareo cover-up with cover-ups for women over 40 in my video. It is basically a sarong that wraps around your hips and legs … which is perfect because, for many of us, this is what we want to cover!

18. Cut the maxi dress

A cut maxi dress can be very sexy! This is something I would use straight from the beach / pool for lunch! Just put on sandals and a hat and you’re done!

19. Covering undulating caftan

I love a flowing dress on the beach! I feel so stylish when it’s flowing with the wind! Plus, it’s convenient and keeps you covered!

20. Open front kimono

With an open kimono, you can put it on and take it off quickly! And it’s super chic!