Can You Wear Black To A Wedding

Can You Wear Black To A Wedding

A. Can You Wear Black to a Wedding? An Etiquette Expert Explains

Everyone has an LBD in their closet that is suitable for any occasion. The company holiday party? Checks. A birthday dinner? Obvi. Your birthday party? I used it for two consecutive years. But when you are invited to a wedding, you may be wondering if this dress that never fails is suitable for an event like this. At the time when your mother received wedding invitations from all her friends, black was always on top of white when it came to what not to wear. But times and norms of wedding etiquette are changing. “In many cases, especially here in the United States, wearing black at a wedding is seen as a fashion faux pas, as black is often associated with mourning,” Elaine Swann, a specialist in wedding labels, told Brides.

But we have good news for fans of charcoal sets: “It is perfectly acceptable for a woman to wear a black dress for a wedding,” says Swann. However, there are a few things that all good guests should be aware of. “Always avoid using something with a cut that is too low, too short or too tight,” advises Swann. And while black dresses are perfectly acceptable for most formal weddings, consider a different tone if you have been invited to a lunchtime wedding or a casual seaside ceremony. “My recommendation is to avoid wearing black if your wedding is in a destination with a more tropical feel,” says Swann. For daytime weddings, Swann also recommends avoiding heavy black. Instead, choose a lighter shade, pastel colors or bold jewel tones. Alternatively, you can make the midnight shade more suitable during the day by choosing a set with a black base, but also light touches of color or a vibrant impression.

The best rule of thumb? Always pay close attention to the dress code on the wedding invitation. Even if a dress code is not listed, Swann says that the text and style of the invitation can indicate what may or may not be appropriate. “The wedding invitation is a good indicator of the style of the wedding,” she explains. “If you receive an invitation printed in a formal font and the venue is a more formal venue, for example, B. a ballroom at the Grand Hotel, this is a good indication that the wedding itself may be a black tie and a formal dress is acceptable. ”

Do you need inspiration for the next wedding on your agenda? These black wedding dresses are dark and dreamy – and will not disturb the bride!

1. Butterfly makeover dress

How to make black during the day! If you are invited to a wedding earlier in the day, you can still wear a dark shade, choosing a dress with a black base, decorated with summer flowers or with a bright and expressive pattern. This will prevent things from looking too dramatic or monotonous.

2. ASOS Design dress with a shoulder belt

For a semi-formal dress code, a shorter black dress, at cocktail height, is appropriate – and it’s so fun to wear! The asymmetrical details and belt of this ASOS midi dress are very chic for French women.

3. Anthropologie Montreal dress

For a black tie wedding, you can’t go wrong with a classic black dress. We love the high neckline in this dress, recognized by the bride’s parents, which also allows you to show off your shoulders and a little sexy back.

4. Rachel Zoe embellished Halston overalls

If you prefer pants over dresses (even better if you share on the dance floor!) Black overalls are also acceptable. Just pay attention to the fabric. Silk, satin or hardware details ensure that the look remains luxurious and doesn’t look too casual.


B. FAQ: Is it OK for Guests to Wear Black to a Wedding?

We are constantly asking questions about the attire of the wedding guests, so it is clear that there is a lot of confusion about what is appropriate and what is not! In the past, wearing black at a wedding was frowned upon because black was a color traditionally used in funerals and mourning. But do the same rules apply today? Can you wear black for a wedding? This is exactly what we are going to explore today!

1. But first a warning!

Our advice on this is based on years of chats with brides, couples and guests, and we stand up for them. We recognize, however, that most of our experience has been with relaxed Western couples and that wearing black has a deeper meaning in some cultures, religions and even certain social circles than for many of these couples and their families. We also understand that some people are particularly sensitive to traditions and that this can be difficult to predict, regardless of how well you think you know them! Although our official stance on wearing black at weddings is normal, it is safer to avoid wearing black at a wedding. If you can find a suitable alternative for your black dress, we recommend that you avoid this clothing dilemma completely!

2. Can you wear black for a wedding?

Can you wear a black dress or set for a wedding? In short, yes, but the key is in style. You want to avoid looking like you are dressed for a funeral and your outfit should look like it was chosen for a special occasion! Women who love to wear black and are sure of their personal style can wear a really simple Parisian look with a black dress and black accessories, but the rest of us will be more comfortable if we can add a touch of celebration to our black party outfit. Here are some easy ways to do this.

  1. Wear a jumpsuit or coverall
  2. Wear a short, knee-length or medium dress
  3. Use a second color fabric or multiple colors
  4. Add a touch of color to your accessories, e.g. B. animated heels, bags or headgear
  5. Use a print, for example Polka dots or flowers
  6. Increase the occasion factor with lace or ruffles
  7. Use sequins or embellishments or a metallic fabric

It is also important to think about the style of wedding you will be attending – especially the time of year, time of day and location – when gathering your wedding guest to move on to the next point …

3. How about a black tie wedding? A beach wedding? A conservative marriage?

We saw black guests at all types of weddings, from garden parties to traditional golf club events. There is a case where you need to feel more confident when wearing black for a wedding, and then it is a black tie wedding or a formal dress with a dress code – a long black dress blends in easily with that aesthetic. Likewise, a little black dress will suit a wedding in the city or a restaurant, especially a winter wedding. Beach weddings, garden parties, destination weddings and festival weddings are a little different, as we naturally seek lighter colors during the day and in hot climates. In that case, a splash of color, a flowing or ruffled fabric or a casual style will do. Black is also generally suitable for conservative or traditional weddings. But remember the point we mentioned at the beginning of this article – a dress that is not black is always the safest option (unless it is white, of course!).

4. Can a male guest wear black for a wedding?

As a rule, it is normal for a male guest to wear black for a wedding, unless the wedding is exceptionally informal – black suits look more formal than the same blue or gray suit. There is also the possibility that a black suit may seem too stuffy for a summer or destination wedding, but again, it’s more about the level of formality than the time of year. The invitation, location and dress code, if applicable, should help you find out how casual the wedding will be. If you think it will be a very casual affair and want to be safe, we recommend a navy, light blue or gray suit.


C. Can a Female Guest Wear Black to a Wedding?

A wedding planner and a bridal stylist evaluate this potentially complicated issue. Choosing the right wedding attire as a female guest can be challenging, as you may be a little wary of what colors are really appropriate. Although at first you might think you should avoid using black, some experts suggest that this shade is perfectly acceptable. However, there are a few things that you want to consider beforehand. “Traditionally, black was the color of mourning and was considered a gaffe for gay events like weddings, but the rules around color have definitely softened in recent years and nowadays you can even see the bridesmaids in chic black dresses from your choice, “he says Laurie Arons of Laurie Arons Special Events.

To see if wearing black at a wedding was appropriate, we asked Arons and bridal stylist Julie Sabatino to weigh this fashion dilemma. Below are some of the key points to consider when choosing your clothes.

1. Think of the region where the wedding will take place

“In the northeast of the metropolis (think of New York and Boston) it is very common to see women in black dresses or evening dresses at weddings,” explains Arons. However, this is much less common in the south, which is why Arons suggests wearing a colorful dress at a wedding in this region. If you are lucky enough to attend a wedding in a European or tropical region, she recommends avoiding black, even if the couple calls home.

2. Think of the formality of the wedding

“If the couple is having a tie wedding in a formal venue, such as an elegant ballroom or a large museum, it is appropriate for the guest to wear black,” explains Arons. In a relaxed rural setting or on the beach, black looks very serious and out of place, she adds.

3. Think time of day

“The traditional label says that black ties are suitable for receptions after 6 pm or later. Morning suits or suits are recommended for the afternoon, ”says Arons. Although not every wedding follows these rules, she explains that women can still follow the example (pun intended), choosing lighter and lighter colors for daytime events and deeper and more formal tones for the night.

4. Whatever you do, don’t use white

“Using black is perfectly acceptable because the shade is very versatile,” says Sabatino. However, you should absolutely avoid wearing white, as this suggests that the shade is reserved for the bride only.


D. 31 Black Dresses You Can Wear To A Wedding

As soon as the first invitation arrives in the wedding season, the same old question is asked and then asked again in the hope that someone will have the final answer … “Can you wear black for a wedding?” ? ”

If your style inspiration comes from the gothic heroine Morticia Adamms, or if you think no one will ever surpass Audrey Hepburn’s elegance at breakfast at Tiffany’s, then we are ready to bet that you have discussed this dilemma on many wedding anniversaries to come .

And we are here to confirm that the answer to that fateful question is yes, yes and yes again. The days of matching accessories and fascinating OTT are long gone. Modern wedding and our approach to attracting guests doesn’t follow these restrictive rules – and we couldn’t be happier about that.

It’s not just wearing black for a wedding, wearing a jumpsuit, a coordinate or even tailored pieces, it’s also good. Just check out Cara Delevingne for Inspo, who attended the royal wedding in a black suit. Or Kate Moss in the combination of vintage silk shorts and a blouse that goes perfectly with a rock’n’roll felt hat.

With winter weddings on the horizon, the fail-safe hue is a guaranteed winner in the season, so you don’t have to decide on an outfit while your calendar is filled with happy occasions.
So, if your uniform is “anything while it’s dark”, then we are looking for a variety of chic black dresses for wedding guests that are beautiful and have a lot of cool factor .

1. Midi crepe dress for lovers with floral print

The model is wearing a black midi dress with a high neckline and a light multicolored floral print, wearing black sandals and a small neon green bag.

2. Atlanta midi dress without shoulder made of ruffled linen

The model wears a black strapless dress with large puffed sleeves, a small snakeskin bag and flat sandals.

3. Black midi dress with taffeta bow

The model wears a black dress with ruffled sleeves, white sandals and a small white bag.

4. Loose dress

The model wears a transparent fabric dress with puffed sleeves and asymmetrical hem.

5. Maxi dress made of lace with ruffles and pointed tulle

The model wears a black dress with a long-sleeved polka dot top and a corset with a black tulle midi skirt worn with simple black strap heels.

6. Marianella black polka dot dress

The model wears a long-sleeved black and white polka dot dress with white high-top boots.

7. Striped dress with linen frieze

The model wears black dress with thin straps and midi aline skirt, wears cream leather strap sandals and earrings.

8. Crochet ruffled dress

The model wears a black crochet lace dress with short sleeves and high neckline.

9. Structured dress

The model wears a structured midi dress made of organza with shirt sleeves and wears shiny black birch sticks.

10. Julia

The model wears a black dress with button opening, red polka dot pattern and ruffled sleeves and wears red leather mules.

11. midi lace shirt dress

The model wears a shirt dress with a waist, bow and bell sleeves, white pumps with ankle ties.

12. Puffed sleeve midi dress

The model wears a long-sleeved dress with flashy shoulders and a slit on her right thigh and wears beige leather mules.

13. Ribbed black midi dress with lock at the front

The model wears a body-con midi dress with a round neck, short sleeves and a split thigh, wears black strappy sandals and a leather bag with rivets.

14. Anna elegant satin midi dress with floral print

The model wears a long-sleeved floral satin midi dress with simple black mules and a small black bag.

15. Sophia velvet dress with transparent sleeves

The model wears a black baby doll dress with Peter Pan collar, transparent bell sleeves and a black bow tie around her neck.

16. Sequined midi dress Kalila

The model wears a long sequined dress with a high collar and sleeves at the elbows, wears a black heel sandal with ankle straps.

17. Hanna Jardin dress

The model wears a black long-sleeved dress with a large cream-colored floral print, semi-transparent material with thick black boots with laces.

18. Feathered bardot dress

The model wears a knee-length Bardot-style dress over her shoulder and wears golden heeled sandals and diamond earrings.

19. Adalee dress

The model wears a black dress with an embroidered top with a floral pattern and transparent sleeves and a pleated black skirt.

20. Sliding silk satin dress with fitted hem

The model is wearing a short, floor-length silk dress with black lace-up boots.

21. Ruffled midi dress

The model is wearing a 90s style dress with ruffles in the center and a halter neck tie.

22. Wrap dress in black and cream leopard print

The model wears a black and white wrap dress with an animal motif, which is worn with hoop earrings and black high-heeled sandals.

23. V-neck cotton mini dress with pink print

The model wears a mini dress with large puffed sleeves.

24. Maxi dress without shoulder

The model is wearing a Spanish-style wide-shouldered maxi dress with ruffles and crossed brown sandals.

25. Fitted linen minidress

The model wears a simple black sheath dress with thin straps and a small crocodile leather bag with a shawl tie around the strap.

26. Sequin dress with puffed sleeves

The model wears a sequined mini dress with attractive shoulders and short sleeves.

27. Bardot textured sleeve dress

The model wears a black knee-length dress, with white and black contrast on the shoulder sleeves, wears gold heels.

28. Black midi dress with puffed short sleeves

The model wears a body-con dress with a pencil skirt split at the knees and thighs and puffed sleeves.

29. Rhubarb cut skater dress

The model wears a black floral mini skater dress, brown sandals and a khaki leather bag.

30. Contrasting midi dress

The model wears a black dress with a straight neckline and adjustable straps, thin and tied in a bow.

31. Stitched draped hem