Bungee Jumping Outfit

Bungee Jumping Outfit

A. What To Wear For Bungee Jumping

1. Have clothing, go to travel

If you visit the place where the bungee jumping started, you can also do bungee jumping … right? I’m terrified of heights, but I always told myself that if I ever arrived in New Zealand I would jump off the Kawarau bridge. When we were in New Zealand, this was literally the first thing we did. (So ​​I didn’t have time to rest. Haha.)

2. How not to bungee jump through clothes will travel

Bungy pioneers AJ Hackett and Henry van Asch started the world’s first commercial bungy jump on the Kawarau bridge in November 1988. Currently, about 38,000 bungy people jump off this bridge every year!

Jump up to 43 meters in seconds! If you want to do a bungy jump, DO NOT jump like I did above. I was scared, so I basically jumped a bunny off the edge. You will want to try to “dive” off the edge (like my husband did). That way, you won’t have a lash if your rope breaks, haha. It’s not the worst when you do like me, but it’s a lot more fun when you don’t jump like that!

Our videos of our heels really show it better. My husband’s reaction to my video was, “How did you survive this?” Haha. I really moved! And my back hurt a little bit after that, but honestly, the video makes it look a lot worse than it was!

I swear I really liked it! I found it amusing to see how many trawls took my feet to finally reach the edge, haha. I was so scared at the time. But, apart from that brief moment before jumping, I felt very safe and protected all the time. These guys really know what they are doing!

Now, my husband is apparently an expert in bungee jumping. He knew how to jump right and not look like he had a broken back! Haha.

If you are traveling to Queenstown, New Zealand, I highly recommend it! It is one of my favorite memories of our trip to New Zealand! And it comes from those who are afraid of heights, haha.

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B. How to do Bungee Jumping

1. Find a bungee jump area

Many bungee jumping locations are in environments with beautiful scenery. Find the one who talks to you the most! There are many places around the world and some of the most popular tourist attractions also offer bungee jumping experiences. You can jump off bridges, cranes, building platforms, towers, hot air balloons, helicopters or cable cars. Choose the place you like best.

2. Check the safety and legality of rubber band manufacturers

Make sure it’s a cool outfit and not a random guy with a rope on a bridge. Read your supplier’s reviews online or ask the supplier for testimonials and see what other people have to say. Check that your outfitter is registered with the local tourism authority.

3. Reserve your jump

You may want to book in advance to make sure you can skip when you arrive. Some vendors require advance booking as you will need to take transportation to the jump location.

4. Tighten correctly

Wear comfortable clothes and tuck in your shirt so it doesn’t fly when you slow down and show everyone your belly. Don’t wear a skirt either. Your clothes should not be restrictive or too loose. Shoes should have a flat sole and be firmly attached to the feet. Do not wear boots or high shoes around your ankles, as they can interfere with the connection of the straps.

5. Understand your dishes

There are several types of harness used for bungee jumping. However, body straps and leg straps are the most commonly used. A leg strap is attached to both ankles, and you should have a spare strap (usually a seat belt like the one you can use for normal climbing).

A body harness makes it easier to move and makes it easier to turn or shake. If you are connected with a body harness, you must have at least one seat harness and one shoulder or full body harness.

6. Think about how you’re going to jump

There are many different styles of jumping, but the best way to jump is to swallow. In this jump, you take a beautiful jump from the platform with your arms extended and float to the ground like a bird. When you reach the bottom, it should be pointing straight down and the gap should be very uniform.

Other types of diving include back diving, handrail jumping (similar to swallowing, except that you jump off a handrail on some bridges), bat dropping (which involves hanging upside down on the edge of the platform before jump and just fall). Elevator (falling feet first, but can be very dangerous and breaking your ankles) and tandem (jumping with two people at the same time)

7. Listen to your teachers

Listen to what they have to say, as this will make your jump more enjoyable. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – that’s what they’re here for. Instructors place pads on their ankles and then attach large rubber bands around them, which in turn attach to the real elastic rope!

8. Understand that fear is natural

Anxiety is how your body protects itself as a self-defense. Try to channel your thoughts and convince your mind that you are not hurting yourself. After you put your seat belt on, things will happen quickly. Just let things happen. Don’t look down before you jump! You will have enough time to admire the landscape while jumping. Looking down before the jump can change your mind.


C. Tips For Your First-Time Bungee Jumping Experience

It is not a normal adventure sport. It falls into the category of extreme adventure. After overcoming the fear of falling from a height, you can show off your daring personality among your friends. A bungee jumping experience is not for everyone!

I was recently invited by Jumpin Heights in Rishikesh, India, to participate in their mega celebration of 50,000 bungee jump. Book your bungee jumping experience in Rishikesh here.

Even though I had already done it in the same location, as well as at Bungee in New Zealand, I was still excited to experience that incredible feeling again.

1. Here are some practical tips to help you get the best bungee jumping experience.

a. Lead from the front

Your fear of heights doesn’t go away just by watching other people jump. The only solution is the leap of faith. The longer you wait, the more time you spend apologizing and convincing yourself to back off.

b. 1, 2, 3 … jumping

Jump before the countdown ends. If you let the person count until the jump, you are unlikely to jump at the first count.

c. Always look ahead – never look down

That was the mistake I made. It looked scary from above. Close your eyes or just look at eye level and jump.

d. Choose your environment carefully

Bungee jumping is all about your experience, not just jumping. Therefore, choose a brand that is reliable, has a well-trained team and is in a peaceful environment.

e. Trust the jump instructors

Jump instructors go through a rigorous, long and detailed international training plan to become qualified instructors. You can trust them with your life.

f. Wear comfortable clothes

Wear clothes like vests, t-shirts, shorts or pants. Avoid wearing a skirt, dress or high heels. You can do bungee jump barefoot or shoes. Just make sure to tie the laces.

g. Don’t overeat before jumping

Jumping on an empty stomach is better than throwing up while jumping into the valley.

h. If you can’t do that, pretend

I know it’s hard to smile when you’re shaking with fear, but believe me, you won’t want to share your video with a shy face. So look at the camera and smile.

i. Avoid taking your valuables with you

You are not allowed to carry a cell phone, camera, jewelry or anything else with you. So don’t carry them around when you jump.


D. 9 Tips for First-Time Bungy Jumpers

Since the world’s first commercial jump 25 years ago in New Zealand, bungy jumping has inspired a generation of thrill seekers and there is no sign that its popularity is waning.

1. Are you a game for diving?

“AJ Hackett opened his second bungy spot in Cairns just a year after the site was built on the Kawarau Gorge suspension bridge in Queenstown,” said Jacqui, sales and marketing manager.

“We currently operate in Australia, China, France and Germany. In 2014, we are expanding our existing portfolio with the opening of bungy sites in Russia and Singapore, which offer a range of adrenaline activities that will make blood pump safely.

“AJ Hackett is still very involved in the development of new adventure products. In Singapore, we are going to build a double balance so that enthusiasts can have twice the fun.”

After convincing our minds to take the first jump, you really can’t wait for the second jump. You know how your body is going to react and you think, “It was easy, I’m going again.”

2. For the cautious traveler, Jacqui has put together these tips to help beginners overcome fear

a. Start with a reputable company

Make sure you work with a reputable company that has high security and risk management procedures in place. AJ Hackett not only invented the sport, but took all levels of safety to a whole new level.

Check things like: Does the company use two points to connect the bungy cable to each customer? Have you been in operation for a long time? Do you comply with AU / NZ 5848 Bungy Jumping regulation? AJ Hackett wrote that, by the way!

b. Believe in yourself

One of the biggest challenges for a bungy jumper for the first time is to focus on the fact that they are about to jump off a perfectly good tower. It is not a natural thing and there will be nerves.

For the first time, jumpers need to embrace that feeling, have confidence in themselves and know that they can do it. The only thing that stops them is themselves.

c. Don’t believe the myths

Like many radical adventure activities, bungy has accumulated many urban myths over the years. Your eyes will not fall from your head and your back will not break! Myths often arise from people who are too afraid to accept the challenge and find an easy way out!

d. Brings you a sense of adventure

For many people, this is a once in a lifetime experience. Accept the challenge and face the fear that many people have – the fear of regretting NOT doing it!

e. Bring a partner

There is no better way to experience bungy than with a friend! They will be friends for the rest of their life after bungee jumping together on the same day. Talk about your proud rights!

f. Trust the jump master

Our jump masters go through a long and complete training plan to become a qualified jump master. Jump with the jump master countdown: 5-4-3-2-1-BUNGY! Don’t hesitate – the more you think about it, the bigger the challenge becomes. JUST GO!

g. Choose your environment carefully

Bungy jumping is about ALL of your experience, not just about jumping. You want to be in a comfortable scenic environment, so that all your senses are in a hurry – not just on a crane over a parking lot or part of an alley.

h. Wear comfortable clothes

Wear everything you feel comfortable with. T-shirts, t-shirts, shorts, long pants – it doesn’t matter! We probably don’t recommend wearing a skirt, dress or high heels for women. You can jump barefoot, but if you prefer to jump with shoes, make sure they are closed and secure on your feet.

i. Be ready to get hooked!

WARNING: This activity is addictive! When you have completed your first bungy jump, you can immerse yourself in that incredible feeling of personal satisfaction and fulfillment. Nobody else did this for you. You jumped bungy! And believe us when we say this: you will always want bungy!