Best Of Beauty Awards Magazine

Best Of Beauty Awards Magazine

A. The Beauty Awards 2020 with ASOS

The Beauty Awards is a unique B2B and B2C award program that brings together industry, consumers and celebrities for an annual celebration of the best in the world of beauty.

The Beauty Awards recognize the best and latest beauty products from British retail. Launched by Beauty Magazine in 2001, the awards were an industry-standard event that brought together up to 250 people each fall. In 2016, the vote was open to the UK public – a move that made prizes soar. In 2019, the Beauty Awards became the proud recipient of a publisher’s Best Awards event at AwardsAwards.

With ASOS, global online fashion retailer and Face + Body, as general sponsor and partner of the event, the program reached new heights last year:

  1. The winners’ list and displays were distributed to over 300,000 ASOS customers along with Beauty Magazine readers.
  2. received over 250,000 votes for selected brands
  3. The winners were celebrated in the Central City of HAC with more than 1000 participants from our industry, the world of celebrities and the national press. There were more than 23 million interactions on social media in the 24 hours that followed this incredible night of brilliance and glamor.
  4. The winners had a great opportunity to join the ASOS beauty products purchasing team. Some of them are currently listed.

The collaboration with ASOS will continue into 2020, and the Beauty Awards are firmly established as the top beauty event of the year – and a must for the celebrity world. The Beauty Awards 2020 with ASOS will take place in February 2021. Details will follow. We hope to see you there!

Launching in June, the products agree to participate in a 6-month period of activity with the aim of maximizing the exposure of their product as it progresses through the competition. There are costs associated with each phase of the program and, upon entering, the brand owners consent to these costs, which are charged in installments based on the success of the product throughout the program.

1. Entering

Each product is rigorously tested by at least three experts. The judges’ votes decide on the selection lists.

2. Selection, voting and celebration list

From now until the end of the year, the voting platform, hosted on, will be open for voting to ASOS ‘global customer base. The promotion for brands that are on the list (maximum 8 products per category) is huge.

The selected brands are also included in Beauty Magazine’s Shortlist Showcase, which is distributed in print in beauty retail stores and to more than 300,000 ASOS customers. Brands encourage their fans, followers and customers to vote as well. Just in time to increase Christmas sales.

At the event itself, guests walk the red carpet to a sea of ​​flashing lights. Finding celebrities is the order of the day. Paparazzi from all major media line up to capture the best photos. After a cocktail, our famous hosts will announce the winners. In 2019, the late (and very homesick) Caroline Flack introduced the evening and invited Ovie Soko (Love Island), the influencer Lewys Ball and singer / songwriter Tallia Storm to join her on stage to deliver the trophies. Promising R&B star Kara Marni excited the audience and the after-party rocked until 1 am.

All the guests left with a bag of goodies that was worth more than the price of their ticket!

3. Promotion, Christmas, Sales and beyond

The coverage during the night and immediately after the event is impressive, since social networks are in full swing. By combining the activities of our media, third-party media, celebrities, brands and retailers, the increase in events in 2019 was estimated at over 45 million eyes online.

As soon as we have our winners, Beauty Magazine will publish its special showcase for the winners (circulation of 300,000 copies), which will be distributed to ASOS customers.

In addition, all winners will have the unique and exclusive opportunity to present their brand to the ASOS purchasing team!

All award-winning and highly acclaimed products will remain live in a specially marked gallery on until October 2021.

The Beauty Awards were successful in bringing the industry and its customers closer together. The icing on the cake is the glamor of celebrities and paparazzi that will get everyone excited. An innovative, rigorous and impactful program, offers beauty brands an incomparable and affordable package in this highly competitive sector.


B. Parents’ Best of Beauty Awards 2020

Each product we offer has been independently selected and verified by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the included links, we may receive a commission.

In the past few months, we have asked 30 mothers to test 200 new launches of skin, hair and makeup products. We hope that the 31 winners here will help you find your own self-care pace again. You deserve it.

1. Best base

CoverGirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk is more like a colorful moisturizer and has a “moist finish” that can hide “rosacea, dark circles” and, hallelujah, “pimples”.

2. Best concealer

The 40 total surface colors of the Concealer Liquid Whip Beautyblender Bounce Airbrush combine with a real selection of skin tones. The tip can help detect imperfections.

3. Best highlighter

The “subtle glow” of Revlon SkinLights’ Prismatic Highlighter “accentuated the cheekbones” and the “opaque skin” provided a healthy overall appearance, according to the testers.

4. Best shadow

This Maybelline New York Nudes by New York Eyeshadow Palette has 16 universally flattering glimpses and mattes in “everyday” colors and “deep, dramatic” colors that are glamorous enough for a “date night”.

5. Best long-lasting lipstick

Mented Cosmetics liquid lipstick has withstood many cups of coffee and quarantine snacks to maintain the edge. It is “light on the lips”, “dries quickly” and “disappears in a beautiful spot after a few hours”.

6. Best lip color

IT Cosmetics Pillow Lips lipstick can be the unicorn of lipsticks: the formula is “moisturizing” and “glides on smoothly”, “but it takes several hours to pass”. The tubes are available in 14 colors in cream and matte versions.

7. Better to blush

You can plunge into a Face Color shade from the Flower Beauty Pyramids or mix them all together for a soft glow. According to one mother, “it looks a lot more luxurious than the price suggests.”

8. Best lip treatment

In the time it takes to load your video call, you can use ChapStick Total Hydration Umisture + Tint + SPF 15. This keeps your lips “beautiful”, “smooth” and “protected with SPF”.

9. Best eyeliner

Regardless of your color, there is a shade for you in this line of creamy pencil liners Fenty Beauty from Rihanna Flypencil Longwear. The precise tip rotates to create the perfect hairline. “Really the best eyeliner I’ve found,” said an avid user.

10. Best mask

Our testers would have given Marc Jacobs a “10 out of 5” for Lash’d Mascara if the results sheet allowed, and described the formula as “super black and elongated”, “without blemishes or peeling”. Perhaps most impressive: “It was a day in the mother’s life.”

11. Best eyebrow shaper

Slightly filled? With an artistic form? Whatever the personality of your forehead, Benefit Brow Styler has its bow. On one end there is a “wax stick for styling”, on the other a powder with which you get soft “weekend eyebrows”.

12. Best Cleaner

Bioré Rosenquarz + Charcoal Gentle Marshmallow Foam Cleanser checked all the necessary face wash boxes with a “light and pleasant scent” and a “soft moisturizing formula”.

13. Best peeling

The mothers greeted the youngsters moved by bamboo and enzymes to the Erva Mate Gente Resurfacing Energy Facial, which “structured the skin evenly” and “made it look better than it looked years ago”.

14. Best toner

The testers were obsessed with Versed Weekend Glow Daily Brightening Solution, an acidic toner that comes in a pump bottle. “My skin looked fresh and shiny,” said one reviewer.

15. Best mask

The 1-minute Sephora Collection face mask is a true 60-second face mask. The “moisturizing” leaves enriched with avocado are “ideal as an air freshener before work”.

16. Best makeup remover

An abbreviation that is apparently made for tired mothers: Micellar vitamin hydrate wipes from Aloe-Laced Pond can “quickly remove makeup from an entire face” and still look “soft on the face”.

17. Best serum

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Our panel recognized L’Oréal Paris Revitalift 10% pure Revitalift Derm glycolic acid serum for helping them “lighten dark spots” and “even out the texture”. One user said that his allergy-related bumps disappeared after use.

18. Best moisturizer with sun protection factor

Neutrogena Bright Boost Moisturizer SPF 30 One Step Morning Skin Care Regimen was a hit with busy parents. The formula is “moisturizing” but “non-greasy”.

19. Best anti-aging moisturizer

Behind L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Moisturizer is a trio of retinol, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C that has won three “loves”. A tester was particularly enthusiastic about his “smooth and youthful” skin.

20. Best night cream with retinol

Mothers looking for a powerful antiager at a reasonable price said that this Olay Regenerist Retinol24 fragrance-free night moisturizer had a lot going for it. The “shiny and clear” skin without “irritation” was a great benefit for users.

21. Best eye treatment

While their children ate breakfast and supervised their brushing, a tester performed a 15-minute “hydrating, beheaded” treatment under the eyes thanks to these Mary Kay hydrogel patches. Keep them in the fridge to relax when needed.

22. Best shampoo and conditioner for fine hair

The Aveeno Hair Cotton Blend Shampoo and Conditioner is characterized by good volume, buoyancy and light hydration that does not make your hair heavy. Also good: the “smell of clean, fresh clothes” looks unisex (and the low price means that no one cares if a partner or child also dips in the bottles).

23. Best shampoo and conditioner for curly hair

The Powerful Aloe Shampoo and Conditioner + Mango Herbal Essences pleasantly surprised a mother when they faced (and overcame) their expensive Salon shampoo and conditioner. The combination “made the hair thicker” and “knotty threads untangled”.

24. Best mask

As many salons were closed, the testers complained about the “dry, damaged and desperate strands after a haircut”. The weekly application of the Garnier Fructis 1 Minute Hair Mask + Aloe Extract helped to restore the hair to its “hydrated, shiny, soft” shine.

25. Best dry shampoo

“I can go a week without washing and my hair won’t dry out,” said an Aussie Tousle Hustle Dry Shampoo reviewer. “Said Nuff.

26. Best stylist

A new mother loved that John Frieda’s conditioning haze to increase volume gave her “straight postpartum hair” during an explosion at home.

27. Better body scrub

The fine-grained texture of almond butter and creamy, tropical-flavored Dove Exfoliating Body Polish removes dead areas and reveals “smooth, smooth skin”. (More of this, please!)

28. Best liquid soap

Like a big sip of water for the skin, Nivea Nourishing Care Body Wash was so moisturizing that the testers felt they “had already put on a lotion” before they got out of the shower.

29. Best body lotion

Sweet almond oil and shea butter made Oatmeal Body Lotion for Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day one of the group’s fan favorites. The reviewers classified it as “moisturizer” “without a sticky or oily finish”.

30. Best antiperspirant

The testers loved not only the excellent protection against moisture and odor, but also the “luxurious scents” of Secret Antiperspirant with Essential Oils. Coconut oil + tangerine and lavender + eucalyptus “smelled like sophisticated perfumes”.

31. Best deodorant

The Schmidts Rose + Vanilla deodorant received high marks as a natural deodorant that (in fact) works. Professional tip: to slide more easily, warm the stick by holding it against your armpit for a few seconds before applying it.