Best Eyebrow Makeup

Best Eyebrow Makeup

A. The Best Eyebrow Makeup, According to Glamour Editors

Whether you like the Insta look or want to highlight your eyebrows, getting the best makeup and eyebrow tools will have a big impact on your financial results. Of course, it is easier said than done. Eyebrows have been the focus for some years now (thanks Cara Delevingne) and there is an absurd amount of eyebrow products associated with this obsession. It is no longer just about threading or waxing – or microblading – but something else entirely – we now have a number of options to consider.

What makes it even more difficult to find the best eyebrow makeup are all the personal factors that are at stake. Everything from your skin type to the color of your hair and the fact that you pulled out a lot during the day (thanks for the ’90s) can affect the powder or ointment that works best. That’s why we give the floor to our editors to find out what eyebrow products they use for their specific interests. From an innovative conditioning serum to an award-winning eyebrow pencil, here are the brilliant recommendations we’ve received.

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1. Overall the best: use Gimme Brow + Gel mini for volumizing eyebrows

I tried – without exaggeration – almost every eyebrow gel out there and nothing beats Gimme Brow. It doesn’t matter if you have super-blotched or thin eyebrows. This gel (which contains tiny microfibers) works with what you need to get full, fluffy and perfectly shaped eyebrows. The trick is to use the brush to comb it back (almost like playing with your eyebrows) and then brush them up and up. It is impossible not to be obsessed. —Linsday Schallon, senior beauty editor.

2. Best Pencil: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz

Brow Wiz doesn’t look great at first. It’s a fine, waxy eyebrow pencil – and if you’re in shape, you’re sure to find a lot of idiots. But ABH has the right consistency. It is thin enough to draw high-precision hair quickly, similar to the sharp lines used in microblading. At the same time, it has a waxy appearance that also helps to keep forehead hairs in place and gives them a softness that looks natural. No matter how fast I am, I never have very dark or exaggerated eyebrows. They look full, feathered and perfectly defined. – Sarah Wu, beauty writer.

3. Best for thick eyebrows: Glossier Boy Brow

First, let me say that I am going to the eyebrow party very late. So late that I’m probably the only person at Glamor who tried Glossier’s Boy Brow a few weeks ago. When I finally got my hands on it, let’s just say it took a while. The hype is real: the product is a mixture of wax and gel and somehow manages to blow, fill and hold my eyebrows in place while it looks like I’m not wearing anything. Get ready for your life to change. – Talia Abbas, commercial writer.

4. Best for perfect bows: Hourglass sculpting eyebrow pencil

This guy gets an A + for versatility. Because it has a larger triangular tip, it is ideal for quickly covering a large area. However, you can still use the smaller end for a microfine definition – like tracing the outline of your arches and tail. It deposits the perfect amount of pigment and fills the bald areas, maintaining the natural appearance. I like that it has a bigger, fluffy spool to help spread the color and style my cutest eyebrows. The blonde shade has the right amount of gray to match my eyebrows perfectly, and as a bonus, I like to use it in the folds of my eyes to add a realistic-looking definition. – Bella Cacciatore, beauty assistant.

5. Best for Stains: Maybelline TattooStudio Brow Tint Pen

Unlike most thick eyebrow markers, this one has a four-pointed tip that allows you to obtain the same realistic strokes of hair that you would with a professional microblading tool. It also has an inclined design that makes it easier to move and follow the natural shape of your forehead, and I also found that it prevents you from getting too clumsy on the tail, where most people’s eyebrows are more sparse. The formula also offers a high 24-hour guarantee without tissues, and although I haven’t slept with it, the color stains I made on my hand in the morning didn’t move until I washed them later in the day. And after a week of testing, the same goes for my real eyebrows, which are probably the most important measurement device. —L.S.

6. Best for thickening eyebrows: Urban Decay Brow Endowed

I’ve always been jealous of thick, attractive eyebrows, but since I have sparse eyebrows, I never felt like I had the foundation to create this look naturally. What I love about this double volume of primer gel is that it has these delicate wands that really help to develop color in a natural way. With a few strokes, he raised the thick, delicious eyebrows I always dreamed of. – Aimee Sy, digital art director.

7. Best for definition: Glossier Brow Flick

I thought I had dropped my eyebrow routine: apply a primer / growth serum and use my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – that’s it. However, after trying Glossier’s Brow Flick in black, I found that my eyebrows didn’t have a serious definition. With Brow Flick, my eyebrows were definitely more prominent than originally, and as I grow them on the big, thick eyebrows I want, I can see that this is a subtle but perfect addition to the routine. The tip is fine and precise and you can erase / remove any mistakes you make. – Khaliha Hawkins, producer.

8. Best ointment: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade

This ointment is undoubtedly the best eyebrow product in terms of definition, thickness and keeping all your hair in place (or out of place if this is the look you are looking for). If you want high precision arcs, you can create straight, highly pigmented lines that don’t move. If you want something more natural and thicker, just brush the ointment up and against the direction your hair is growing – instantly (almost) Brooke Shields. – Shanna Shipin, commercial editor.

9. Best transparent gel: European Wax Center Ready, Set, Brow! Perfect eyebrow trimmer

My eyebrows are thick and dark, so instead of a shade or color product, I use this clear eyebrow gel. I like the ease with which it keeps the longest hair in place. The brush is a breeze and it only takes two quick strokes to get my eyebrows in the shape I like. And the effect lasts all day. – Marla Goller, video producer.

10. Best for redheads: Fenty Beauty Brow MVP pencil and ultra-thin brow styler

Finding good red eyebrow pencils is difficult – we are like golden curls the color of eyebrows. Blondes are very light, brunettes are very dark – and I’ve never seen a shade of red as extensive as Fenty’s. I chose the soft red, which I liked a lot because it is beautiful and subtle. I also love the little paddle brush. No matter what shade of red you are, you’ll find one in this section. – Samantha Barry, editor in chief.

11. Best for Brunettes: Kush Fiber Makeup Gel with Milk

I don’t like spending more than ten seconds on my eyebrows every morning, so having a nice colored gel that adds definition and keeps the hair in place is my priority. Milk Makeup’s Kush Fiber Brow Gel is my favorite because it darkens significantly without being too messy, and they have a good range of colors to choose from. – Erin Parker, commercial writer.

12. Best for blondes: Charlotte Tilbury’s legendary brow gel

This is my one-step eyebrow wonder. The small golden tube and its mascara-style magic wand classify my eyebrows, which instantly makes my face look a hundred times more shaped without looking too finished. No powder, no pencil; just slide, slide and go. The colors are especially impressive for blondes too, whether you are light and pale (if you’re a natural blonde) or just a little deeper (If you are brunette and bleach your hair). – Krystin Arneson, weekend editor.

13. Best multitasking product: use the Brow Contour Pro 4 in 1 Pen to define and highlight your eyebrows

More than once, I tried to achieve that carefully crafted ombre effect that can be found on the entire Discover page on Instagram – and this multitasking tool is the only one that gets me there. It really does everything, thanks to the light and dark tones for definition, an illuminator for your bow and an edge definer to find your perfect shape. PS: She’s a winner of the 2019 Glamor Beauty Awards, so you know what self-worthy eyebrows are made of. —E.P.

14. Best drugstore pencil: Maybelline EyeStudio Brow Precise Micro Pencil

When I dyed my hair from natural dark brown to lighter brown with shades of red, the color collided with my eyebrows. This line of eyebrow pencil had more options for me to look for the perfect match. In addition to having the most creamy formula ever, the applicator tip is also great for making precise lines and edges. Best of all, the dense brush on one end – it matches my eyebrows perfectly – which increased the number of tools I used on my eyebrows from three to one. —K.H.

15. Best drugstore gel: NYX Professional Makeup Eyebrow Gel

This small tube from NYX lives up to the brand’s reputation for offering really good products at extremely low prices. Most available colors cost less than $ 3. I would say take a few for a good amount, but a little goes a long way with this colored gel, so you won’t have to replace it for a while. —E.P.

16. Best drugstore wax: E.l.f. Shape the shape of the pencil and stay

I don’t do much with my eyebrows to fill them (they are naturally dark and full), but they can get a little rebellious, so I need a product to keep them in place. I love this waxy pencil because it keeps everything in place and doesn’t add any volume or color, and it doesn’t peel off like most clear gels I’ve used. Oh, and it costs less than a cup of coffee that I can always get behind me. —B.C.

17. Best primer: use BROWVO! Conditioning primer Nutrient rich eyebrow primer

I tried a lot of eyebrow primers and serums for my curly eyebrows and this is the only one that works. The soft touch applicator sits between all of my hair and distributes the product evenly. It also works well before filling my eyebrows with gel and pencil products. —K.H.

18. Best Brow Kit: Anastasia Beverly Hills Fusible Brow Kit

It doesn’t matter if you get an incredible deal on the products (DipBrow Pomade costs $ 21 and the brush alone costs $ 18), this kit is perfect for any eyebrow routine your day requires. Use the ointment when you have more time to get dressed, apply the gel and brush the brush on days without makeup. For your information, the products are really resistant to melting – toss your eyebrows on wet days or in HIIT training classes and your makeup will not smudge. —S.S.

19. Ideal for travel: Big Ego Sketch Tarte & Brow Pen Set & Tinted Gel

If you are looking for a two-in-one brow tool to help raise your eyebrows on your morning commute, this is it. The babassu in the formula leaves your eyebrows soft and waxy instead of hard and crunchy, and the thin pencil is great for filling in hard-to-reach areas. -OK.

20. Best tweezers: rose gold angled tweezers

I have plucked my own eyebrows since I was 14 because I don’t trust anyone to do that. Yes, I’m a control freak. That said, I know my tweezers. I am always looking for precision, strength and grip, and this pair has all three. You will never harvest too much by accident (it happened to me!), They last forever and are easy to use. 10/10 would recommend. – Madeline Hirsch, senior manager, social media.

21. Best Eyebrow Brush: Urban Decay Essential Eye Tool

Since I have naturally thick eyebrows, my hair tends to look bad all day, although gels are used to hold it in place. All you need to do is use a quick brush with this multifunctional tool to bring my eyebrows back to their best self – and create the feathered look you definitely saw on Instagram. —E.P.