Baby Doll Dresses For Women

Baby Doll Dresses For Women

A. Invest In a Voluminous Baby Doll Dress for Spring and Summer

One of my favorite trends of 2020: extravagant, bulky baby doll clothes, a dreamy combination of chic and fun. Putting on a baby doll dress immediately gives you a relaxed atmosphere thanks to the bulky silhouette, puffed sleeves and / or layered skirts of the costume. With this spring / summer trend, lightness is the key and honestly – this is music to my ears. Designers like Molly Goddard, Simone Rocha and Cecilie Banhsen sent this type of dress, a mixture of femininity and flowing silhouettes, to the catwalk season after season. Now, countless editors and influencers are invading the city’s sidewalks to give this spring trend its own twist. That’s how it works for you.

1. little Miss Sunshine

Cecilie Bahnsen’s pieces are popular for their voluminous silhouettes, and this oversized Effie dress in gold yellow exudes a feminine, chic and effortless feel. This dress consists of a linen cloche with puffed sleeves and a layered skirt. Opt for a pair of fancy Teva sandals and a brown crocodile shoulder bag from JW PEI.

2. Thank you continue

A simple but stunning babydoll dress with flattering puff sleeves that give a fun and seductive feel. Add a touch of elegance to the look with these high-heeled leather boots from Ann Demeulemeester and the mini rhinestone room from Alexander Wang.

3. Floral? Innovative

This voluminous nackiyé dress is the perfect “Frou Frou” dress to bring you into the spring. The printed flowers, dramatic neckline and short hem perfectly match the Roxanne Assouline daisy bracelets, the ballerinas from Shop-Pêche and the Western Lack of Color hat.

4. Bootlicious

The trend of bulky dolls can be achieved with any budget, and this voluminous mini-dress from ZARA proves it. Combine this mini lapel collar with puffed sleeves with these perfect Ranch Road boots, a colorless boat hat and this soft velvet bag from Dries Van Noten.

5. Millennial Rose

The bulky Ajes fuchsia minidress has a deep V-neckline and tie details at the top and neckline. Her feminine and sexy feeling is easy. Opt for these Comme Si silk socks with matching cherry suede sandals.


B. How to Wear a Babydoll Dress Without Looking Frumpy

Wendy is a journalist who writes online since 2007 on topics such as plus size fashion, language learning and travel. The babydoll dress is back in the fashion spotlight in spring and summer. To look stunning when wearing this style, be sure to choose the right length, combine them with high heels and properly support your panties.

1. What is a babydoll dress?

If you’ve lived on another planet and never seen Hollywood icons like Sandra Bullock wearing this type of dress, it’s not too late to update yourself on this fashion. The style, as you can imagine, is strongly inspired by the babydoll sweater. It’s feminine and seductive, and great for those days when you feel a little bloated. It usually glides elegantly over curves and accentuates its best attributes, such as beautiful breasts or a great pair of legs.

2. How to wear a babydoll dress

What’s special about this type of dress is that it can make you look incredibly sexy or terribly ridiculous. If you have big breasts and a relatively flat stomach, this look can make you look cute and sexy. However, if you have heavy thighs, opt for a longer version.

3. Get the right support for your underwear

This tip applies to all items of clothing. Proper underwear, which holds everything in place, can make a big difference in your overall appearance. If you want to wear a babydoll dress with a deep neckline, choose a push-up bra to increase your wealth. Highlighting your assets will distract from problem areas and make you look like an hourglass figure. Some of Victoria’s Secret babydoll dresses come with built-in bras.

4. Choose the right length

Just a few inches above the knee is the best. If you are small, you can use it a little shorter, but not too short. Remember that babydoll dresses are fluid and “show off” on a windy day. This brings me to the next rule: never wear one on a windy day or for a vigorous dance like ceilidh or salsa, unless you want to show off your “jewels” at every step!

a. High heels

Try to match your dress with wedges – they won’t be very flashy, but they will provide a good size. If you wear it to the beach, choose flip flops with a small heel or wedge for a little glamor.

b. Printed patterns look better on tall girls

When you are little, only colorful clothes look better. If you have a small chest, you can create the impression of an enhanced chest by choosing a style in which the color of the chest is different from the rest of the dress.

c. To avoid the “pregnant” look

To avoid looking “pregnant” or bloated, wear appropriate makeup and avoid going out with a “morning sickness” appearance. Wear high heels and be big! Check out Rihanna in the image below. She is wearing a doll with high heels and the right makeup, and she is just beautiful!

5. How to wear a babydoll dress when you are over 40

  1. If you are over 40, I would recommend using darker colors and heavier fabrics.
  2. Another tip for those over 40 is to wear long leggings. Leggings add a more sophisticated look.

6. Origins of the babydoll dress

In 1956, the movie Baby Doll, starring Carroll Baker, brought the popularity of the babydoll sweater – the costume that Baker’s childish and sexy character wears in the film. Although the film has been heavily censored and banned in some countries, the babydoll style has gained momentum and is still in fashion more than 50 years later.

Over the years, the babydoll has taken a leap from the bedroom to the main street, where women of all forms enjoy the freedom to wear this seductive yet playful style.

7. Why should you use this style?

The babydoll dress has returned to fashion over the years because it is very “forgiving”. With an empire waist dress, you don’t have to be extremely skinny to look good and sexy. It allows you to show off a good chest and legs and hide a not so tight belly and hip area.

8. How to choose the perfect dress

If you are looking for a fabric that lasts a long time regardless of fashion trends, choose a fabric that lasts like wool or silk. An A-line shape or a trapezoid style favors most women. Avoid extremely bulky styles as they can make most women look pregnant.

The babydoll dress is perfect for everyday wear. By adding some accessories, you can transform it from a daytime look into a perfect night outfit for a drink after work.

9. Terrors to avoid

  1. Do not use too short. It is true that a short dress will make your legs look longer, but wearing it too short will only make you look “elegant”.
  2. Shorter styles are only suitable for girls. If you’re over 30, a hem just inches above your knee is more flattering.
  3. Avoid lace ornaments. A babydoll dress with lace trim looks a lot like a sweater!
  4. Keep accessories to a minimum.


C. Babydoll dresses are now particularly elegant as a fashion trend

With a dress named after a doll, this connection seems a little strange at first and is not very suitable for a mature and elegant appearance. But perhaps it is the fashion trend that explains why babydoll dresses are so interesting. Because fun clothing The opposite of modern purism and the principles of light style look at least very different. The designers liked to make supposedly childlike contrasts. To what extent the current trend, which is influenced by the history of babydoll dresses, can be seen in current trend models for spring 2020.

1. Clothing trends: why babydoll dresses are more than a feminine statement in spring 2020

The babydoll dress got its name mainly because of the movie of the same name thanks to the fifties. But the story goes back a little further. It is worth taking a quick look at the beginning of the 20th century. Not to evoke a dreamy nostalgia of Victorian frills in babydoll dresses as you can imagine today. Because in the beginning the liquid cut was first of all a revolutionary symbol. In one of the first mentions of babydoll dresses in 1912, “Roman Captain Martha Mary”, Avery Abbott’s description recalls the characteristics of Paul Poiret’s reformed clothes that released the corset at the turn of the century. With the years of narrowing, the new immobile dresses and the clothes that accompany the movement were indeed a revolution in fashion.

The second and decisive appearance of babydoll dresses also had everything but cute and beautiful origins for a doll. American designer Sylvia Pedlar shortened the shirts of her lingerie brand Iris Lingerie below the knees due to rationalization and lack of fabrics during World War II. Thanks to light lingerie fabrics like feathers, combined with the playful details of the puffed sleeves to the laces, the nightgowns of the time really reminded us of doll clothes.

After the minidress became the epitome of sleepwear, even because of the film in question, Cristóbal Balenciaga translated the short cut A-line into the language of haute couture for the first time in 1958. At the latest, the free spirits of 1960s discovered and celebrated that the simple but feminine cut was just as suitable for the demands of an uncomplicated dress for everyday wear – and celebrated as in the swing of the sixties.

2. Babydoll dresses: how to style the chic and elegant trend of everyday life

The clothing trend has its origins in sleepwear – you need to be aware of that. At the same time, the evolution to a stylish and everyday version, to some extent, reflects the emancipation of women. The fact that they are not translated as particularly playful and cute dresses in the current Spring / Summer 2020 collections testifies a step further.

The spring trend dresses, combined with casual and simple sandals like those by Cecilie Bahnsen, appear so contemporary that they represent a new strength of women that does not depend on clear and purist lines to illustrate her role and self-confidence. The simplicity of the dress trend now gives them the opportunity to transform a supposedly feminine dress into something that suits their individual personality and style. Whether in an empire cut with knee-high socks and black boots as a self-portrait or something more feminine with gold-plated sandals and jewelry like Valentino for spring / summer 2020, a costume in these style variations definitely doesn’t resemble a doll’s look .


D. What Is a Babydoll Dress? 9 Tips to Pull It Off

If you’ve ever wondered what a babydoll dress is, you’ve come to the right place! Babydoll dresses fit comfortably over the shoulders, but are very loose from the chest line down. They are lively and super short, perfect for showing off your legs.

This flirtatious style was created by designer Sylvia Pedlar in the late 1940s to respond to the scarcity of fabrics after World War II. While they originally started out as sweaters, babydoll dresses are now made for the day. As they don’t hug the body, they offer really cute options for the summer that look lovely and keep you cool too! The babydoll dress is super cool for the summer, but it takes a little creative style to make sure it’s grown up enough and doesn’t look like lingerie too. Have fun with these nine tips to inspire your outfit planning!

1. Tassel earrings give a playful touch that can be well combined with the hairstyle of a babydoll dress

Tassel earrings are not only in the trend for 2020, they also look young and playful – without getting young. Let them peek under the loose waves or toss your hair back in an elegant bun for an unexpected contrast.

2. Solid colors are great for girls who want to stretch their legs

If you are a little small and are trying to give the illusion of being taller, patterned babydoll dresses can be a bit overwhelming for your figure. Use a solid color if you are feeling brave. Sparkles like emerald or cobalt are perfect!

4. The black and white batique results in an unexpected but absolutely cool color combination for the summer

Tie dye is a big trend for 2020, and a black and white option gives the feeling that a nervous city girl is wearing something on the way to art school. Complete the look with a pair of platform sneakers and big black sunglasses for the most street-inspired outfit.

5. Get in style and show off your suede with a pair of beautiful patterned sandals

Babydoll dresses are really flattering because their short length helps to highlight your legs. Cute sandals with monogrammed details or fun leopard prints give you the opportunity to be a little seductive. Complete the look with a crossbody bag and a pair of fancy earrings for a look that is ready for the date right away.

6. Take good care of your underwear and you can wear cycling shorts under your dress

The short length of a babydoll dress makes it adorable, seductive and feminine, but it also creates a little risk on windy days. To be more comfortable walking out the door and, hopefully, not having a Marilyn moment, put on a white or neutral cycling shorts under your dress.

7. Style your hair in a very high ponytail to compensate for the vibration of a babydoll dress

Babydoll dresses are a lot of fun walking around. To increase the joy, pull your hair back in a high fringe and tease the top parts of your head. You can even add a ponytail extension for a little more fun. You will turn your head in the best possible way.

8. Combine delicate jewelry in a super feminine outfit

Babydoll dresses are obviously on the female side. Play the cute one with layered jewelry. Thin hoop earrings match well with a long necklace and do not harm the dress. Complete the look with loose, wavy hair and a generous strip of pink gloss.

9. Finish it off with a cute wide-brimmed hat inspired by the traveler

Modeling a wide-brimmed hat and a flowing babydoll dress is a little boho – and very influential chic. To keep airy clothes suitable for the summer, stick on a hat made of natural material and color. This suit is particularly suitable for beach days, as it will protect you from the sun.

10. Wear pantyhose over pantyhose when the weather gets cold

Let’s face it, summer won’t be long. For a modern, 1960s-inspired outfit for fall and winter, add opaque black tights and solid black shoes or ankle boots. It’s super flattering and keeps you protected too.

11. Short in length, big in style

The babydoll dress can be small and lively, but it can have a big impact on your summer style. With a color that appeals to and designed with the right accessories, it is the perfect basic outfit for your warm climate wardrobe.